Comments for 40,000 More Walt Disney World Employees To Be Furloughed Beginning On April 19

Disney Cast Members

Credit: Disney


  1. Ryan Serowinski

    Please stop firing these nice cast members, Disney at once, that’s basically a step closer of having Disney going bankrupt, they better rehire them all when the parks reopen or else they’ll be in trouble, for this and suspending construction on every work in progress upcoming experiences(and Yet Universal didn’t get the matto, to stop work alongside Disney)

    1. Mark

      They arent fired! Furlough means let go so they could collect disney is still paying medical and they still have their jobs in the end! Fired is fired! Managers are in constant contact w cms they will be all hands on deck once reopen…

      1. Minnie

        Furloughed is a nice way of saying temporarily laid off. While employees can file for unemployment benefits, the turnaround time for UI isn’t for a month from original filing and only $480 (+/-) per week. I’m not sure how Disney can cover insurance benefits for a year, does that require employees filing for COBRA? If, God willing, Disney reopens in May…employees won’t see any UI then. I feel like while filing, one should also seek alternate forms of employment (UBEReats, Instacart, Supermarkets, USPS) anything… Maybe Disney will ask for those employees back, maybe not…but at least those who have been “furloughed” have alternative income coming in.

      2. Mark

        Again furlough is not being fired they are still working many managers are keeping in touch w their casts and are being told their fine! Did you not hear me! Laid off and fired arent the same thing go back to your bubble!

        1. retep

          Are you an workers rights lawye/expertr? No? Then kindly don’t spread your amateurish personal interpretations of law on the internet in your official capacity as just another inconsequential nobody.

          In short, Shut up, insufferable douch.

  2. Mark

    Retep i am just saying thats what the definition of it is your the one needs help if you think you know any better or you think the union that most cms arent part of bc its clear (insert words i can not begin to say here they arent magical) i do know however many managers as i use to be one for multi theme parks plus ent and etc so maybe you could stick you nose out of my business! As i am only commenting the definition no one seems to grasp these cms are still going to have a job im the end isnt that more important then fighting w me!?

    1. J.S.

      By your own admission, Mark, you’re a former in-context theme park admin defending the shady practices of current in-context theme park admin thereby you’re not a very credible source. If ppl have their jobs waiting for them, why were they asked to train replacements? Not the first time this happened either, employees sued over the incidents. Mark, you are incapable of honest commenting in pursuit of stating the “facts” and I for one am tired of ppl like you assuming everyone else is a fool.

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