Comments for OpEd: Why I Can’t Wait to Go Back to Walt Disney World

Why I can't wait to go back to Walt Disney World


  1. KennyVee

    To counteract Chiz, I say keep it up. I’m not familiar enough with your other writings to comment on those, but I really enjoyed this article. Yes, it’s a blog. But on a blog nobody else can demand that you don’t write about things you care about.

    Keep being you. I saw a lot of myself in this column (though for me it was Disneyland and not Walt Disney World, though I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both). Disney shaped me into who I am today as well. I was fortunate enough to be a cast member. And it taught me a lot that helped me in later careers. And that feeling of joy that never goes away when you are in the parks, or even THINKING of being in them? That carries over into the rest of your life.

    Life isn’t perfect, and I get that, and I have bad days. But Disney parks are an escape (even if only a mental one under current circumstances). And while I don’t know how soon I can go back, I do look forward to it.

    In short (I know, too late), great post.

  2. L

    And where does one get funding and time off for all these exotic trips at such an age, when most normal, 9-5 people can only afford these kinds of trips once in a lifetime?

  3. Bonnie J Hausman

    I totally enjoyed reading this. I feel exactly the same way. Beautifully said!!

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