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disney happiest place on earth

Credit: Disney


  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    This article makes me more upset the parks closed could have used a trip out of reality for a moment! And before negative people get at me think of whats going on in the world yes closing was right but couldn’t pass any doubt around escape from the panic of reality sounds nice! I truly hope for this reason beyond its not mentally healthy to stare at ceilings (and yes i know i can go out or take italians approach dance on my balcony but thats not a whole day event) and for this reason we all have to stop panicking have a little faith and until then be grateful for articles like these to make us smile!

  2. Jackie

    It be a bit happier if we could get away from reality and go but oh well… thanks media panic! 260k deaths due to flu worldwide past few yrs vs what 5k with this i will take those odds and imagine i am at wdw till they reopen! Its only temporary yep thats what they tell ya about the common cold too but hey no one panics for that yet theres no cure for that either! And believe me st 4 cancer and common cold is probably 10x worse than this corona and yet i am alive commenting to you! Funny huh!?

  3. Not happening

    Happy unless your a Disney College Program previous “cast member” who was given “comp tickets” and since they’ll still be in college until they expire can’t use them because the only time they can go they get bumped out and cancelled after booking, planning, and saving for their dream to get back… nope “too bad” or a “sick joke “ or intentionally manipulative knowing full well there no way these kids could actually use their tickets… extreme disloyalty by Disney!

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