Comments for Disney Park Closures FAQ: What is the Deciding Factor as to When the Parks will Reopen?

What is the deciding factor as to when the parks will reopen?


  1. Harley

    Yes please while i appreciate all the writers and what they do step away from itm for a few days it nothing is new to tell us!

    1. Jackie

      Yes llease put the soap box away your worse than the president whose finally showing his worth through this! As a wicca i can tell you mother isnt happy! And i am sure other faiths could tell you neither is God!

  2. Janie

    How about after we are told is okay to go back! We are days away from being locked down! This is precaution not armageddon! So staying calm is the key it will help w everyone mental health as well- the key word is still temporary! And we will all go back eventually to whatever normal is soon!

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