Comments for Five TSA Officers at Orlando International Airport Test Positive for Coronavirus

Orlando International Airport

Credit: WFLA


  1. William Gourlay

    I departed MCO on Friday. It would be nice if the TSA said where the Officer worked that day. It was reported he was working the 9AM – 4PM shift.

    1. Harley

      Sadly thats not on tsa thats on the employee whom didn’t think to stay home sick! Why do we have to remind grown adults these things?

      1. Mark

        Why thats the question???
        Symptoms of this are like the flu i didnt think cdc ever said common sense is lost!

      2. Fred Hubner fan

        Didn’t you call coronavirus a media trap the other day and have a complete meltdown when they closed the parks?!

        As Mike North says – “stop yourself!”

  2. Mark

    Fred fan the media doesnt help you feel like the world is ending though its not! I think metors would be crashing down and it be like the dinosaur extinction again but honestly i never said it was the medias creating this virus no i feel bad i am saying the media doesn’t help with the mass hysteria! Theres a very sad movie called wag the dog media made up a war story everyone panic (like boy whom cries wolf) well by the end of the movie a war actually started no one was prepared and everyone died! I am just saying if the cdc and who want us to stay calm media doesnt help us! But to each his own! I am not saying i am not worried but we dont have many cases in fl! My dr said theres more people suffering horribly from allergies bc we havent had rain and my neighbor is afraid of fires bc the last one almost burned her house down and if we do not get rain in fl soon i be a bit more worried about loosing it all to a fire then getting sick! Bc i already had this alot of people i know had before it was called corona my dr called it the flu and my shot didnt help me its a different strain told me theres thousands of them! Getting sick is part of life not the end of the world! And common sense left alot of peoples brains btw not a symptom of this illness! Dr google didn’t help ya there! But that doesn’t mean i do not care its just the fact i been through a hell of alot worse no time to stop living now!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      While i agree w your statement i do not know whom has more run ons you or half the writings here- maybe thats why we do not have common sense we forgot simple skills as adults!

      1. Jackie

        I agree the media its all thats on now! It was all that was on before you can not get away from it and we are told do not worry just be concerned but live your life but thats all anyone talks or cares about… yes its sad but what do you want everyone to do???

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