Comments for Family Still Hopes to Bring Terminally Ill Son to Disneyland Amid Coronavirus


  1. Harley

    First i feel bad for the kid my prayers go out to him! But second this article and family is a call for help bc they sound like i am going to take my kid to dl just so i can sue them when their kid dies! Now before you comment negative at me realize how many stories you read that are sue happy! I pray this family isnt like that and my heart as a mom goes out to the child but this isnt the way to debt a park visit!

    1. Jackie

      Sadly i went to both places too harley so your not alone! I feel bad for this poor baby but forget now why would you want to put this wonderful angel through days at disney anyways… the stress on my body alone making it through forget this wonderful child! I truly feel this story is screaming disney wont close our kid will die there and we can sue! Its a sad world we think this but harley is right theres so many that do it! Let this little one live his life to the fullest till its done god bless!

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