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Credit: Walt Disney Company

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  1. Jonathan A Bourdeau

    A wise choice to have financial stop-gap measures in place. Yes they want to continue to maintain the essential cast members and continue to pay them in preparation for re-opening. It is very important that when the parks, resorts, cruise lines re-open that the guest feel confident about their health safety. I can only assume there is a bee-hive of activity currently addressing neglected cleaning and restoration projects. Disney most likely will or should promote a detailed affirmation of these projects in preparation for the re-opening date announcement. Also, there is undoubtedly going to be process change with day to day cast functions. We (I) have certainly noticed a relaxing of Disney standards over the years. It seems that Disney has allowed societal digression inside the gates and take root. Guests expect and deserve the Disney property cleanliness and cast member decorum of years past. Hopefully, the Disney cast member hiring process will also step up its game to address this issue. Lastly, this is the time for the Disney brand to reinvent itself, shine and provide the joy and happiness as Walt intended. Looking forward to opening day!

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