Comments for From All of Us at ITM: Thank You, Disney Cast Members, For Everything!

Thank you Disney Cast Members


  1. Harley

    Yes tj we always have to thank the cms! Another great thought is when all this is out of the way we should thank them when we all go back in! Even just because i can tell you as a past cm a simple thank you just because you care goes a long way!

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    Yes lets always thank the cm now and always! Esp those that are still at the hotels etc now as the ride out crew like its a bad hurricane! Take care one and all!

  3. Janie

    Can i ask why your title makes it sound like disney has said they are closing for good??? Does anyone know the word temporary anymore or just you tj bc this is 3rd article and sounds quite morbid for quite a positive reminder to thank cms… just saying!

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