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  1. Mark

    I know cms and managers they are being told May so that sounds about right TJ! Which granted stinks for all vacationers but we much hed by regulation and have patient we have gotten through much worse as a country, world, personally! And those whom have summer vacation while waiting w fingers crossed can take a sigh of relief if May is it! But one day at a time! Stay magical stay positive stay calm!

    1. Harley

      Mark its not may i think its going to go state by state cali will listen to their govenor and we will listen to ours! Then Disney will go w whats right unlike the other countries were the government is in charge of those parks more than Disney having a say! Right now its April but i have no doubt it might be summer as the cdc seems to either be holding on that being time when there might be more surviors then deaths or weather might change #s… who knows its a crap shoot when it opens it opens… btw i know cms too esp dhs cms and you know bc their major attractions at moment they are going first and they are still ??? Staying positive is one thing lying is another!

    2. Donna

      Suppose to go in july with my family,doesnt even look like their going to open in july

  2. Jason K

    I’d say Mid-April to Early May

    1. Andrew Thelwell

      You have to be kidding.

  3. Timothy Lane

    I’m a CM and have heard not heard anything about May.

  4. Jason K

    Will it last until Fall?

    1. Harley

      Lets stay positive and hope not but one step and day at a time! We equate as same w 9/11 in my family it was bad for a while but nyc stood strong as did the rest of the US and eventually moved on! And as the old saying goes the show must go on in disney case the magic! Lets stay positive help each other out where we can by doing that and go from there! As Anna would put it doing the next right thing!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Your quite right harley!

  5. Jackie

    As my dad put it and hes been through 2 wars its got to get worse before better we havent peeked yet! My niece is w me while my sister was at wrk (disney cm so not anymore) but neice dr office sends alerts bc of it (that btw has 3 separate waiting areas newborn well and sick) just push noticed me too that all cases of high fever or related symptoms must notify the office when they arrive and the staff will come to you in the parking lot! If you are a regular well visit etc please come inside as you would a regular case! So though we must remain calm i can not see the parks opening before the summer! But def before fall we all still need to move on w life and not be in the house forever but right now! Hope!

    1. Harley

      I got same push notice! If this is anything like the sickness alot of us in fl had including my family early in the yr wouldnt wish it on anyone and glad we are all in! We didnt move for 3 wks w that couldnt didnt feel strong enough my kid is homeschool and i felt bad forcing school on him! He was out of it for 3 wks while rest had 2 bc we are having bad allergy attacks in fl it was bad combo as a mom i was scared to sleep there were times when i thought he stopped breathing if i did and hes a tween! Wake up call for all of you saying kids cant get sick from this! My sons office did the same thing! So please take care! And though i wish it be like chickenpox and we be extempt who knows if that wasnt this! I am just saying that was scary! Think we should all be safe then sorry but also not worse things happen but yes things will happen… as we say in my house its a process!

  6. Cierra

    Unfortunately I think Disney World will close until at least late May/early June. FL governor just closed all schools until April 15, I see an extension coming. Sad, we we just 8 days away from our Animal Kingdom trio when they announced the closure. But I am glad that they did. Them remaining open gives ppl the idea that it must not be that unsafe.

  7. Rebel Orange Bird

    We have to remain positive to mean it seems like may/june hold bc like every virus they all go away by the summer due to weather change bright sun and everything that helps that! Yes this virus is new but i still bet just bc cdc is waiting to go past april/may is bc they want to see if it will be affected by all factors by then! Just be smart and be safe! Also remain positive bringing people down bc they choose to live their life different isnt a reason to yell and scream!

  8. Sho

    If all the recommendations say for eight weeks then Disney should follow suit and stay closed. I am disappointed too because we were scheduled to be there April 4th through April 11th for my 60th birthday but we are
    Postponing just to be safe.

  9. Jason K

    I heard analysts are saying at least til Mid-April. Personally, I’d say Mid-April to Mid-May.

  10. Mark

    Conscience, not conscious. As in “…and always let your conscience be your guide.”

  11. Janie

    Military friend said lockdown is going to be next for the usa sorry to burst the magic bubble but it might be 2 months at least and curfew at 7pm!

  12. Veronica

    As a current CM at Disneyland, pragmatically, the 8 weeks would put us at Mother’s Day weekend, and that’s IF the governor says the parks can reopen at that time. No Avengers Campus opening in June, since construction has been suspended, as well, costing the resort even MORE lost revenue. With most school districts staying closed until the end of the school year, (end of May), realistically, you’re looking at a May 29th park reopening.
    How we will get paid past March 31st is anyone’s guess, but the unions are working closely with the company on that. Thankfully my school job will also pay me for this time off, but what of the other CMs, whom this is their ONLY job?
    I can’t wait for the parks to reopen, and welcome travelers back to my home planet of Batuu, but for now, I’m sheltering in place in my Spire, trying to stay occupied.

    1. Laura

      Hi Veronica, So sorry! It is hard all around. What about all the DCP”s that were let go? They only get paid till the end of March. Also don’t have a job to go back to, sadly….. Now have to look for work, where so many are laid off, NOT opened, NOT hiring.. It’s an awful situation all around for sure. But at least we still have our health and family! My daughter was a CP at WDW…. She was so exited as she just started there January 28th…..

  13. They need to open up if they are exempted. I am an annual pass-holder and they closed the park a few days after charging me for an entire month. I can’t use the pass for 3 weeks and was only able to use it once in a month. I know they said it will be extended which is fine. But that’s long enough, so open it back up. Unless we are being lied to and this virus is more serious then keep it closed.

    1. Janie

      They knew about since november! They could have did something and didn’t! Its animal transferred that they didn’t think would get to humans but just like swine flu and malaria it did!
      I think we should just stay calm… there are survivors but we can not just think its not serious it is! Is it going to be swine flu or even the regular flu who knows thats why its so uncertain. Just stay safe it will all pass soon but soon might be months or so my military friend says! She was like love your family us this time to find purpose and enjoy life! Theres some of us whom do not know what home is and family time this is the time for it.

    2. Paul Gregory

      relax. your Ap will be extended however long the closure lasts….

  14. Mich

    Agree with the consensus and recommend all Disney Parks to close until at earliest late May or June until the experts say it’s safe. Too much risk involved for all ages and employees too. Stay safe and listen to experts and authorities

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