Watch This Stunning Proposal at Galaxy’s Edge, Surrounded by Lightsabers

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Proposal at Galaxy’s Edge surrounded by Lightsabers

Credit:Disneyland Insiders

Disney marriage proposals are nothing new, but they’re guaranteed to warm our hearts and ‘force’ the tissues out. Well this time, our hearts were warmed by a few hundred kyber crystals as one amazing Star Wars-loving couple made the jump to lightspeed and took their relationship to the next level, in a galaxy far, far away. Take a look:

Lana and Glen are clearly two dedicated Star Wars fans, as she (dressed as Kylo Ren) waited until a huge Star Wars fan gathering took place at Galaxy’s Edge to pop the question to her now fianceé. She asks him to join her in her fight for life and be hers forever and … I’M NOT CRYING! YOU’RE CRYING.

This adorable moment shows the absolute best of the Star Wars fandom, as people dressed in Jedi and Sith robes, hold lightsabers of every color and huddle around the Millennium Falcon to make this awesome couple’s happy moment truly magical.

I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to propose than to be surrounded by the glow of hundreds of likeminded people wielding multicolored lightsabers (note – not ‘laser swords’ thank you Rian Johnson). Celebrating such a magical moment with so many fellow Star Wars fanatics must’ve been something truly special and we can only imagine how amazing it was to be a part of. Clearly Glen had no idea this was coming; the best way to appreciate such an amazing gesture of love and affection in this writer’s humble opinion!

Props to the good folks over at The Disneyland Insiders,  who captured the moment at Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

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The only question we have is how on Endor Lana and Glen are going to top such an incredible Star Wars proposal! A serious Star Wars celebration has to be in order at that wedding to top this intergalactic story. We’re talking ring bearers dressed as Baby Yoda, Lego Star Wars on PS2 at the Wedding breakfast, and a cake with that iconic Han Solo quote. Alright, so maybe I’m letting my own ideas get in the way here, but at any rate; we can’t wait to see what these two Sith love birds do next.

We at Inside the Magic wish Lana and Glen all the health and happiness in the galaxy for a long, long future together. May the force be with you both, always.

Tell us your Disney or Star Wars love stories in the comments below. Have you been proposed to / proposed to someone at one of the parks? Have you seen someone pop the question in front of the Magic Kingdom castle, or at another beautiful part of a Walt Disney park; perhaps Animal Kingdom’s Pandora? Let us know. 

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