Comments for Six Disney World Firefighters Self-Quarantine (Here’s why there’s nothing to worry about)

Disney World Firefighters Quarantined


  1. Harley

    Too add: Lets also remember most cases here are travel related and are self contained even the govenor said that it doesnt count. You must like anything else come in contact w it for an extend period of time think mono…. you need physical contact its not air spread nothing is! Florida is also in 90 degree weather no viruses last in warm weather!
    Beyond that i think fl is more worried about no rain = allergens and fires which would be just as bad for people like my kid whom had bad allergy attacks amd resp issues on top of the fact hello fires could affect your life a whole lot more than getting sick! And we’ve had some really horrible fires in fl a few caused concern at wdw one a few yrs back got the parks to close! Just use common sense and live your life! People get sick all the time just stay home and not come to wdw then!

  2. Ryan

    These types of articles encouraging people to travel when we are in the middle of a pandemic are irresponsible at best. Yes, Disney is making great strides to keep the parks open and functional, but it does not change the fact that attraction queues are tightly pick indirectly spaces that put people at risk. Theater shows again, pick people in close quarters. Eating out always poses a risk whether it’s at Disney or McDonalds. None of that even includes the plan ride, ride sharing, or other transportation risks people take when traveling to Disney. Please reconsider continuing to ENCOURAGING others to travel at this time. Also, please don’t delete this comment as I’m trying to protect my community.

    1. Jackie

      Feel free to live in a bubble! Some of us want to live our lives and theres plenty of other at the parks right now living as well!
      I am a cancer survivor and my parents are aliung and we been to straw fest and wdw living life to the fullest! You can not discourage people from living healthy lives just bc your scared.

      1. Ryan

        Well, Disney seemed to agree with me and a lot of the world and is planning to close. The time to stop the spread is now so we don’t become the next Italy. I know that if I catch this, me and my family will be fine. I worry for my grandmother who had heart surgery, my grandfather who begins chemo next week, my friends mom who has Lupus, and the countless other people in your community who WILL suffer from this. Even though it won’t affect you directly, think about those who are. I applaud Disney for their courageous action and applaud their service to the community.

    2. Nancy

      My husband and I just got back from Disney yesterday. I feel like added hand sanitizers and such were made readily available for everyone(going into the parks/leaving, throughout the parks, even at store checkout lines) & definitely being used by the majority of park guests. I was actually quite surprised on our last night while waiting for our bus…the “bus attendant” basically told us all to be on top of one another in line…there were about 20 of us. A man in line nicely said something about how some people might be a little cautious getting too close to other people and the attendant said “wait until you see how many people I pack on this bus”.

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