Comments for Disney in Plain English: Should You Cancel Your Disney Vacation Because of the Coronavirus?

Should You Cancel Your Disney Vacation Because of the Coronavirus?

Credit: Disney


  1. Dee

    Still on our way this week!!

  2. Harley

    People get sick everyday and survive! I can not get over how many people want life to go on hold bc you might get sick! I hate to break it to ya but plenty have survived from it already bc it only lasts 14 days max! Just use common sense and this too shall pass! Panicking only causes stress and you might get sick from that! The media rather help the panic then give the #s of survivors and they are way higher then death! In fact china released the info that hospitals are clearing out and its only on a floor now!
    I was really sick early in the yr w similar symptoms lasted similar time wouldn’t be surprised if it was this before it got a named and i am here! Or it could be the flu… Which I wouldn’t doubt this is bc there’s 100s of different strains cdc and health officials don’t know about this just has a name now.

    1. Harley

      Ps. TJ i applaud your writing though sometimes i disagree w your opinions but thats what makes us human… you got a great skill and head on your shoulders! And it takes alot of credit to write somewhere like this…. keep up the good wrk!

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    2. L

      you’d be whistling a different tune if you had elderly parents or relatives who fall into the high risk group you had to consider. i want a handle on this thing before there is an outbreak in my area and i have to avoid my own mother if anyone in my household is exposed. don’t downplay and popoo it just because it doesn’t affect you personally.

      1. Fred

        Only a pure fool would go in these parks and stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Even if the idiots dont die from it they take it and spread it to others who may be vulnerable and die. Complete selfish idiots and all to ride on a stupid virtual ride or 2. Sheesh.

  3. Rebel Porg

    I walk away w an allergy attack or slight cold every time i am at wdw exposed to whatevers in the air not crowds and disney is always cleaner then clean esp the hotels i been to some hotels where i have had to bring my own cleaning equipment w me! Never wdw! Its just life you get sick and you get better! Its like the good old saying in my family its a cold no one ever dies from it!

  4. Anthony M

    You need to do a better job at explaining fatality rate. Saying fatality rate is less than 20% is ridiculous. It is currently below 3% and even that number is completely skewed higher as most cases that self resolve or are not reported are not being counted. Saying it’s less than 20% is factual however it is also factual saying it’s less than 90%. For an article that is supposed to calm people down, your data will ramp them up.

    1. Lori minker

      Disney is putting people in harms way…community isolation is key to combating this pandemic…

      1. False


        1. S John

          Thanks for your insightful input. Way to move the conversation forward. Not only is Lori correct, shes capable of full sentences and doesn’t default to grunting single word thoughts.

      2. Jackie

        Disney world is in a warmer climate most viruses do not survive in warmer weather.


        Plus its the media and crazy people making it a pandemic! I agree w those above whom said Most have survived your just not hearing about it just watch the #s! More people still have died to this day in the states alone from the flu! And that to me is more of a panic thought!

        1. Craig

          I believe it’s actually the world health organization that has declared it a pandemic.

      3. Rebel Porg

        Oh lori please go play in the corner in a bubble out of plastic bag, a mask and play in corner try to not suffocate okay bc that be worse then corona but this proves how dumb people get over things they can not control! We all get sick we will all die one day deal w it!

  5. Mark

    I lived through 9/11 in nyc i think i am good!

    1. Harley

      Me too mark me too i saw the 2nd plane hit and my dad almost died! Nothing is more scary then that to me! Besides almost dying from child birth got that one too but i am alive and well living my best life and no craziness is going to stop me!

  6. Justin

    A 20% death rate would mean one in five people would die. Would you go to Disneyland if you had a one in five chance of dying? Of course your figure of 20% is inaccurate. As is your cruise ship recommendation. The state department has advised all Americans to avoid cruise ships. This article will not age well.

  7. Dustin

    I am a former Imafineer and can tell you that Disney does NOT disinfect any of the rides and queue areas like they once did. It is easy for viruses to spread in the parks.

    1. Harley

      I wouldn’t trust someone whom calls it imagineering and not WDI! Would you like to try again! As a past CM i can tell you it is hard when your bombarded w guests to clean but that’s what your suppose to do your tasked to do it if a ride and that’s why every show has space in between em! Common sense in your own brain is not wdw job is it? Bc last time i checked this isnt news and thats why i wash my hands or use sanitizer! Thats why theres bathrooms and sanitizer machines everywhere! Besides once the ride opens WDI passes the torch they do not care what happens to it please go somewhere else to tell you story!

  8. Truth

    What a horrible desperate plug for your travel agency. I wouldn’t trust this money monster.

  9. Patricia Fagan

    Scheduled week of 3/22/20. Still going

    1. Minnieme

      Not anymore you’re not!

  10. Mike

    This is why it’s spreading, folks just do not have consideration for elderly. Disney is also not helping with having to scan your finger on entrance smh. Not until it hits home you don’t feel the pain. You have 100k people congregating at the same location. In addition, I am sure China knew months before it went global and tried to cover it. This is also why we should make 99% Made in the USA and bring back ALL the jobs that went to China, now we can really see why we can’t depend on Chinese labor I prefer to pay a bit more for made in the USA.

    1. Jackie

      The eldery arent the only people whom go to wdw so whose being inconsiderate now and not thinking first before speaking! I have 2 eldery parents whom arent going to stop living there life bc you or some new flu is going to kill em! Go get scared i am going to live my best life btw i am a st 4 cancer survivor i have been through worse and so have my folks my dad was in wars!

      1. Xantra

        Sunshine will be there on May 31st!

  11. MC Boston

    We just booked a week in May. Crazy good airfare costs, but no reduction in Disney resort pricing yet.

  12. We cancelled a Disneyland trip we had planned for the week of February 24th. Not so much because of Disneyland, but we are in our 70’s and we didn’t want to chance flying. As soon as the virus starts slowing down, we’ll rebook the trip.

  13. Jill

    Have a trip planned in May and we will NO WAY cancel this trip – media is making this out to so much more and causing a panic in everyone – I have severe asthma and if contracted would probably not be good for me but I refuse to live in a bubble, I realize it is a serious problem but we have never had panic like this with the flu and many more deaths from that. See you soon Mickey!! (maybe shorter lines 🙂

  14. Paranoid

    Scheduled for a few days at Disney for a conference later this month. As of right now, we still plan on going. Obviously things could change, but I’m not really worried about getting sick. My bigger concern is the possibility of not being able to get home due to: possible quaranteen if I get sick (e.g., flagged at the airport due to a fever), resort hotel quaranteen if another guest gets sick, flight cancelations, etc. I hate feeling this way b/c I can’t help but think I’m over-reacting to the media coverage. Also, I hate to make it about money, but we have quite a bit of money in reservations that will not be refundable if I choose to cancel (vs. Disney closing or the conference being canceled). I’m sure everyone here is in the same situation.

    1. meme

      You are now allowed to reschedule through December – it is closed starting Monday anyway

  15. Lynn Smith

    I’m 65 with a compromised immune system and we are due to travel to WDW on the 29th March I do feel a bit apprehensive
    but I don’t no want to go as we have planned this family trip for 18 months
    Should I just go and enjoy?.

    1. Kt

      I would not if I was you I’m going end of month.. I have a child with asthma and I’m not sure what I will do

  16. T

    Personally, I think the parks need to lower wait times. The virus is coming & panicking is dumb.

  17. T

    Bad idea. Orlando, FL is international.

  18. Karen

    70+ and still arriving on March 25th.

  19. Bev

    Yep to Disneyland (I’m a passholder), yep to D-World, and no, not cancelling anything.

  20. Amber

    We’re on our way from Vancouver on the 25th of March.

  21. John S

    You’re numbers are a little old. There’s over 50 confirmed cases in Massachusetts alone. Problem is that this thing spreads like compound interest. It is only going to get worse until we take drastic measures. We were supposed to go in May…not happening anymore. State Department actually said “don’t get on a cruise ship.” Trumps looking to provide tax relief to airlines, cruise lines, and other major entertainment centers.

  22. Harley

    Florida is going to be 90 degrees soon! The virus like most and stated by health officials does not like warm weather! But fine stay away the parks will not miss you by the #s that were there today! Most attractions had waits over 2-3 hrs! There’s also hand sanitizer all over enough i think wdw bought them out lol! cms are all over cleaning up and being on top of it! Esp at the entrances! The one gal i saw the clorox rags never left her hands…
    Though today wasn’t met wo geniuses including one whom yelled at the Chinese acrobats to not give people corona and take it back home… hello they live here! You must come in contact w it watching acrobats isnt going infect people! And the nut whom whisper outloud and butted in on my conversation & me being kind to a soul running for the tram… we moved over to be considerate the guy was like its ok and i do not bite etc. The riot behind me started ” she probably moved over to not get corona”. I turned around and explained how rude and if they are so concerned why are they on the same tram to epcot!? The nice man thanked me over for being so kind!
    I never knew panic we forget common sense but its amazing! Nothing changes life goes on! And wdw is still the safest place to be!

  23. Mark

    I was at dhs today boy it was packed! Spring break is def here and no one panicking everyone moving on w life and loving it as they should be! CM attached to cleaning products sadly it looks like they made a new friend and the looks my daughter got bc of an allergy attach wasn’t pretty (ty to the health services cms for going beyond the call) though some lady yelled like “she should be home” bc she was turning colors! I was like she’s got allergies and thanks for your concern!

    1. Harley

      Omg how horrible TG the cms helped out! No one sees the difference w allergies we are just assumed to be bad parents whom brought our kids in sick… sad world! My son had a reaction to dairy sadly we found his dairy allergy out at wdw tmi bathroom call… no details … just cms going beyond call! 1 custodial gal in bathroom already saw me struggling and heard my sons cries! Radioed health services whom met us outside w water (extra bottle for me as well) and a roll for my sons stomach! Also a voucher to buy shorts at the store so he wasn’t going home in his undies! They stayed w us till he felt himself! But the stares we got from people passing by just glares not one concern!

      1. Mark

        It was really sad sorry about your story too! People do not get panic speads just as easy as everything else! It will hurt more and make you sick quicker than corona! Besides fl is worried about lack of rain due to allergens and fire season! I know as a parent w child w bad allergies this worries me more than corona.

  24. Barbara

    Still planning to go to WDW, we planned a great trip for months…arrive April 19. Cant wait for the magic!

    1. Xantra

      I will be there on May 31st!

  25. Floridian concerned with impacts

    Drs are more concerned breathing issues steaming from allergens and even on the news they said if rain doesn’t come fires can start and that be worse for fl then corona! It also doesn’t help those w breathing issue!

    1. RCN

      It is important to note that “underlying issues” means diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, or lung disease. A large portion of adult America has one of these conditions or more.

  26. Xantra

    I will be there on May 31st!

  27. Xantra

    Sunshine will be there on May 31st!

  28. Mark

    I wish we get more survival stats 4500 people died sad for them but obviously if quarantine is only 2 wks and wuhan china was curbed and is done truly means panic was for nothing! But you never hear that news its sad!

  29. Jan

    We leave March 19th with no plans to cancel.

  30. JJ

    Still going can’t wait

  31. Emma

    I’m here now, and so happy I didn’t cancel my trip. Nobody here seems freaked out at all! It’s just as magical as ever. Sure you see some more people using hand sanitizer but I haven’t seen a single mask, nobody seems to be sick and I feel very happy to be here. I strongly suggest you enjoy your trips. The virus is everywhere anyways. Live your life and wash your hands!

  32. Rhonda

    My husband and I are both 67 and have a trip planned for April. Everyone says that anyone over 60 is more at risk, we are both extremely healthy and have no chronic illnesses. Should we be concerned?

  33. Not going to live in a bubble!

    You know if they just called this the corona flu instead of virus NO ONE WOULD GIVE A DAME!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Amen! Plus!!! More people died from the flu just here in the US last yr then this world wide! And people are rioting in the streets (sorry there homes they arent aloud out!). Live your life!

  34. DT

    My trip is in June. I still plan to go.

  35. Melanie

    And just like that Disney World was shut down. Sorry to everyone who had trips planned during the next few weeks. 🙁
    I would be devastated.

  36. SJT

    Ok, I get that young non immunocompromised people are safe if they go to Disney. My problem with all of these people saying that it’s safe if you’re young and healthy is….what if you’re going home to someone that is NOT young and healthy. What what so many people do not understand and my frustration.

    1. Jackie

      And i have survived cancer and my parents are in wc we just believing our lives knowing its stupid to sacrifice that over something thats out of our hands…. THATS LIFE IN A NUTSHELL!

  37. Tom

    Darwinism at it’s finest.

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