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Shades of Green

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  1. Darth Pence

    May 15th? Awesome!

    So glad the U.S. Army knows when the virus threat is ending.

    I’ll go tell my boss so I can have my job back.

    Thanks for the service, y’all.

    1. Janie

      My friend is military and i said that a month ago and they even knew we be in lockdown! But everyone yelled at me and told me to stop spreading rumors… but we haven’t peaked yet how were we suppose to be better if we haven’t gotten to the worst of it!? And do not be full of it and say why do we have to get worse bc thats just science and happens anytime one is sick!

      1. Harley

        Some one from china etc lied bc i had this in jan! If we all knew sooner their be less cases and even deaths granted the survivor map is way higher than the deaths at 200k but it still doesnt account whats going on we are still not out of this and we have to stay safe! It makes my trust in the cdc lack like what about the lines getting into china hosp now if they curbed or now you bring in the fda to help hello how were you going to create a vaccine or see if anything wrked wo fda osmosis???

    2. Mark

      Darth (fill in blank) know your the same person though you change your name 2 questions…
      M or F
      Second are you single?

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