Comments for When Should You Rebook Your Cancelled Disney World Vacation? Let’s Talk Crowd Levels, Festivals, and More!


  1. Harley

    I wouldnt say party season at mk is why its crowded its just bc its holidays and i bet its going to be insane for a while bc they lost easter this yr which is the busiest season…. most people know halloween party is just insane prices and more kids at hhn (hhn though high is still lower for residents) and christmas happens after christmas bc except for the free cookies etc you can see it all after christmas till new yrs! I bet bc next oct is the 50th start and that lingers into epcot reboot timeframe the parks will be crazy for a bit!

  2. Daryl

    Supposed to be going May 10-16. Should I pay my outstanding balance due April 10 and then prepare to rebook or do I get my money back and non again later?

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