Tables Turned: Guest Spreads Pixie Dust to Cast Members Before Disney Parks Close

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Tiktok- Woman dusting little girl(Left), TInker Bell (Right)

These are some crazy times for everyone with the continued uncertainty of when we could all be back experiencing the magic back inside the Disney Parks. We as guests trying to hold ourselves together while we wait for the parks to re-open. But, there are another group of people who might be even more invested in the parks re-opening.

Cast Members

One by one Disney Parks and Resorts have closed all over the world. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida were both supposed closed until March 31st, but as of today, March 27th, Disney announced that both locations would be closed indefinitely. Though it is sad for us, they reassured Cast Members that they would continue pay and benefits through mid-April. 

Unfortunately, the wait for Cast Members may feel even longer than for guests. When these Cast Members start working for Disney, a lot of them turn from coworkers to family. From knowing Cast Members personally, many of them really enjoy what they do: making magic for park-goers. 

Mickey and Friends
Credit: Disney Parks

College Program Students

And for many participants in the Disney college program, having their experience cut short was heartbreaking. As the news broke out of the Disney parks’ closures, so did news that the Disney College Program students would be sent home. This is a once in a lifetime dream for many of them and a step towards their dream job of working for Disney. Luckily, they will be allowed to reapply into the college program.

Some were reminiscing over their time together on the last few open days at the Disney Parks. On the last evening, many were spending their last night enjoying the magic themselves.

Disney College Program

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

Then, this magical and touching moment was caught on video by one of the college program students. A guest, yes a GUEST, was walking around wearing Tinker Bell wings, sparkles on her face, and a fanny pack full of Pixie Dust. She chose to spend her time sprinkling Pixie Dust all over college program students and cast members. The guest thanked them for all the magic they made.

Pixie Dusting CM and CP
Credit: positivelyhappilyclaire

We’re so happy she shared this on Tik Tok because it really expressed how many of us feel for the college program students and cast members.  And the Disney parks really wouldn’t be magical without all that they do.  Positivelyhappilyclaire set out on Tik Tok to find this Pixie Dusting Gal in hopes to tell her how much it meant to her and the other college program students. Guess what? In scrolling through the comments, the girl has been found!  It’s a happily ever after!

@positivelyhappilyclaireI just want to thank her for what she did for these CP’s. ##dcp ##disneycollegeprogram ##wdw ##disneyworld ##dcp2020 ##fyp ##4u ##foryoupage ##help ##disney♬ Welcome to Wonderland – Anson Seabra

Click here to see the video on TikTok!

As the weeks go on, it’s hard not to think about the unknown.  In the end, we just all need to have faith, trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust. The Disney Parks will re-open one day and when that day comes, we are all going to appreciate it so much more. When it does, have gratitude towards the Cast Members and College Program Students. 

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