Nurses Sing Frozen 2 to Spread Joy and Education During Virus Spread

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In a new video shared on Good Morning America, nurses sing and dance along to a Frozen 2 song, to teach the public some daily health tasks they should be performing!

Although washing our hands may seem like a standard daily practice, it’s something that has recently been drilled into our minds on an even greater frequency than normal. Through with the recent spread of the Coronavirus, society has had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ and with that has come a whole different level of cleanliness and caution that we’ve all had to adhere too.

Frozen 2
Credit: GMA

Staying positive

While making these changes has felt hard and sometimes even scary, there are people out there who have helped encourage us all to find the fun and stay positive in these crazy times! 

Nurses around the world are working hard to care for us during the virus spread, and sharing helpful tips and information that we can all use. Through it all, many nurses are staying positive and spreading a bit of cheer while encouraging the public to take these new health changes seriously. 

Doc McStuffins
Credit: Disney

These Nurses Love Disney!

These nurses have even taken time to spread some joy and education through a widely recognized Disney song — Some Things Never Change, from Disney’s Frozen 2. 

They cheerfully dance along to the song while putting on their masks and gloves and wiping down the surfaces around them. This joyful video emphasizes the message that even with the big changes taking place in the world right now, there are some things that do truly never change. Laughter, friendship, family, positivity and hope are all things that we can hold onto. 

Click HERE to watch the full video over on Good Morning America!

Frozen 2
Credit: GMA

Disney tunes

Next time you find yourself feeling down about the new changes happening around us, play your favorite Disney tune and use that to help you find the joy in the simple things! These songs can help you do a little home workout, whistle while you clean, or even count how long you should be washing your hands!

How have you been staying safe and healthy during these times? Let us know in the comments.

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