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Disney Parks Closed Coronavirus


  1. Jackie

    I am still waiting on april first for someone to say guess what april fools its just another on of the thousand strains of the flu not arent known our bad but still take care of yourself!

  2. Harley

    Praying everyone stays safe but stop panicking your life didn’t end bc you got sick before it will not now! Hopefully soon just like every bad virus before it will be a distant nightmare too!
    Also note there is way worse things you can catch airborne this isnt airborne so this too shall pass ! Tech the common cold doesn’t have a cure but we take care of ourselves and go on with life! Its life we life we die eventually and most of all we get sick its nothing new! Just rest be at peace and this will eventually move on and so will we!

  3. Bonnie

    I commend you for putting everyones health ahead of money. Glad the cast members are getting paid what about the rest of the employees?

  4. Ray Thomas

    We were/are visiting Disney Florida from UK 22nd April to 11th May,please be aware when deciding on opening & closing we can only review hotel & flight bookings if we know your plans & we can only recover cancellation costs if we know your plans in good time,understand nobody can determine the future but give us good notice

    1. Jackie

      I think you should be ok parks are closed till the 30th of march no one said further yet and i always reflect on the big word temporary!

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