Comments for Single Mom and Daughter From UK Stuck In US After WDW Vacation

UK mom Sara Edwards and daughter stuck in US after canceled WDW visit

Credit: Sara Edwards via: WalesOnline


  1. Tara

    I hope they get home safe! I also hope Disney can do something for them!

    1. Harley

      Yes good luck to them!

  2. We cancelled our trip so glad we did..this is serious stuff out there.god bless

    1. And that’s what others should have done. I wanted to take my grandson to one of the theme parks here in California where we live but I didn’t because I knew that there was a virus out and about and it was slowly spreading and it had already done bad in China so I didn’t go even a month before all this started so people should have paid attention and they shouldn’t have been it should have been ignoring the situation people were even going up to the last day of these places closing just cuz I wanted to be there I mean it’s ridiculous you’re contributing to the problem. single mother married mother whatever snow difference and now I’m a single father a single grandfather raising our grandson it’s all the same. Feel bad for the child, the mother should have known better.

      1. Rebel Porg

        So if this virus wasn’t named would you have gone to the parks yes so your pt is??? Then you get why some people went the parks were still open and things arent the way they are now! These poor people are stuck in fl and your saying too dame bad what it was you? That wouldnt be nice to hear or say! Besides they didnt bring corona w them so how are they helping it spread? Again the parks were open and they were living their lives! If things were different and they were open now you have an arguement but they are not! Whats going to happen when the parks reopen are you and the world going to feel threaten by some coughing on a line etc. That person could have a tickle or allergies! This world is getting to scary honestly for me bc of some peoples lack of reality!

  3. Julie Frikuj

    I am here in Florida from North Minnesota. I am also a single mom I am here with my 4 daughter’s. I will help you survive. We have food & water. Call me 218-368-9086

  4. Ronda Jarrett

    Atleast your stuck in the best country in the world! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  5. Kat

    Sarah my heart goes out to you and your daughter. Let me know if I can help. I’m in around WDW. You can email me at kcronin7@gmail.com.

  6. NotPC

    There was plenty of warning and airlines were offering free changes etc. when they started closing things they should have gone home like everyone else was doing.

  7. Disney Neighbor

    I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t have come to another country during a worldwide pandemic. The world was onto the seriousness of the situation before you left home, and now you have become a problem for someone else to deal with. So many people are now going to be involved in repatriating you. People who should be spending time at home with their own families. It’s just plain selfish.

    1. Mark

      Its not selfish or foolish if they were here on vacation enjoying there time bc thats what you do on vacation! Before the world went crazy people were going to wdw and enjoying there time! Before this was named it just effected us like the flu! I wish luck to these people and stay safe!

  8. Valerie Roberts

    We are all having to change our lives. This will pass.

  9. Cook

    The last thing we need to do at a time like this is be heartless and cruel. Of course this will pass, but let’s learn lessons from it and be kinder to people even if they chose to do something we wouldn’t have. If this corona virus has taught us something
    (Including common sense hygiene practices we SHOULD already have), it’s that distractions are taking up the most time in our lives. Spend time with your kids, parents, grandparents, etc. Life is so short and we should pay more attention to things that matter. Now is an excellent time to pick up that book we never finished or play that game with our kids we always said we’d do another day. This is an opportunity to get closer to each other and take care of one another. Love your neighbor, pray for them, help them. Many people are panicked and afraid but we should rise up and cast fear out and say that it has no place here and we will get through this. As one nation under God, this is our chance to come together and help each other not bring others down. It is saddening to hear and read so much negativity instead of offering suggestion or hoping for the best outcome. May all of you stay healthy, happy and positive! We will get through this, don’t worry guys ???

  10. Bobbie Mayoh

    We were also in Orlando and had a two week Disney pass. We used three days but Disney were great in refunding a very generous amount. Virgin contacted me by text and email regarding my cancelled flight home and I followed their instructions and we were given tickets for a special flight arranged yesterday, Yes, a great disappointment to miss out but these are unprecedented times.

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