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Meghan Markle Disney Documentary bad reviews

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  1. Linda

    Disney was trying to give elephants a voice in their fight for poaching although using Ms Markle was a mistake. I’ve never cared for her voice for one and the way she broke up the Royal family was discussing. I look at her the same way I do Colin Kaepernick and what he did to football. Such a shame. And SHAME on Disney for using her.

    1. David

      Completely agree.

    2. Renee

      Totally agree Linda.

    3. Sharon

      Thank You She needs to go away, they got what they wanted a free 30million dollar wedding, a baby they refused to let have a title. Leave the royals alone and go on your merry way and I willnot buy my grandchild Disney right noew just for using her.

  2. Cheryl

    I never heard of her until she married Harry. Never saw suits. What I have heard she was just a B rated actress at 38 yrs old. She must be thinking her name as Duchess of Sussex is going to continue to land her acting jobs but if she is not a good actress she can forget that. Daddy Charles is going to have to basically support their butts beyond just paying for their security.

  3. Ann

    Well that’s not new . She is bad news from day one getting married to the royal family was a big plan for her.

  4. Kate Combs

    I wish the professional critics had been more honest and the only reason the user reviews on various sites are so high is because she hired a PR team to “fix” it so the rating doesnt reflect the viewers true feelings. For every 1 honest review there are 50 10 star reviewd all using the buzz words they werr given by Markle. Soothing, calming, i laughed and cried, majestic, watched 3 more times, family, children, stressful times. ….
    Just read them and u will tell they are all from the same source. Ridiculous meghan that u are paying ppl to like u.. and u cant even manage a slight blush having been called out. Pitiful Meghan

  5. Cappy

    The documentary is great. Notice how almost every criticism of it brings up how the reviewer doesn’t like HER for one reason or another and therefore they don’t like the documentary. I don’t know Meagan or her previous work and I don’t care about the British royal family. From that perspective, it’s a great documentary. She’s not David Attenborough but I wasn’t expecting her to be.

  6. MeatHome

    I finally got to watch this. It’s bad. And yes, the issue is the narration. There’s not much emotion, and when it finally does come out, the majority of the time it’s been one of condescension for the situation the animals find themselves in.

    There’s also the issue where Markle is talking TO the audience, more as a PA announcer, not WITH the audience as a storyteller should be (which is how the script was written). Jon C. Reilly is a great example of this, as is Sigourney Weaver.

    The number of obvious “line reads” (where the actor is just not “getting it” so the director had to do the line and the actor just mimicked it) was just staggering.

    I’ve got about 20 years experience on productions like this and after listening to “Elephant” if I hadn’t known who the narrator was, I’d have assumed that this was a case of “family casting” (that is, that the person cast was a relative of the director or producer so no matter how bad they are, they were guaranteed the role).

    And I’m saying this knowing full well that Markle was training with Joe Cipriano at the time (who is one of the best in the business when it comes to narration).

    Doesn’t that mean that Markle is a bad actress? Not necessarily. She just doesn’t have the skills at present to be a good voice actor. It’s a different (and must more difficult IMO) skill set.

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