Comments for Go Ahead, Take the Kids to Disney: Reports Show Children are Least Affected by Coronavirus

Kids Disney Coronavirus Reports

Credit: Abigail Nilsson, photographer


  1. Mark

    Very true tj and ty for the heads up! My daughters dr said its bc kids have alot of vaccines in them and what they do not have they build immune to things quicker bc of having a younger healthier immune system! Where as my dr said due to stress etc i might have more a chance of heart attack then dying from corona!
    Besides the fact the warmer weather season is starting in fl and just going to get hotter where nothing but allergies get through.

  2. Donald d

    Kids don’t travel alone, gang.

    While they may not get sick, their middle aged parents and grandparents will. Don’t think the folks on the rascals will be able to outrun the virus.

    1. Jackie

      Fine you stay home and live in your bubble i am going to bring myself to the parks w my hand sanitizer! Life is too short to panic about if and when!

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