Comments for Kids Can Become Mini Imagineers with Disney’s “Imagineering in a Box”

mickey on blueprint


  1. Harley

    My son loved this it was a art assignment we used bc we were homeschooled already (khan academy is a great source for other classes as well) and now walks around the park w eyes open! He wants to be WDI one day and has a future thats more bright! As an adult its also fascinating shows what unsung heros wdi are!

  2. Harley

    My son did this hes homeschooled already it was art project. He walks around now w eyes wide open at parks! He wants to be WDI one day and has a bright future! Hes sp needs and any future he has will be bright and i am proud! As an adult it proves wdi are unsung heros of the parks! (Ps. Sorry if this double posts my internet dropped again!).

    1. Harley

      Just to add that khan academy is a great resource for any homeschooler esp where we are right now they have many subjects for work videos etc helps out alot if child is visual!

  3. Pat

    How do we get on to this??? Nothing coming up?!

    1. Harley

      Khanacademy.com search for imagineering in a box! Also they have plenty of other class subjects its the old site that was just sat prep now they got alot more! I guess bc homeschooling is a big thing now even before this! Its a great resource i hope it helps!

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