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Disney Dining Plan

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Itm writers your writing needs proof reading indefinite and TBD are 2 different things first one means never happening while latter means will eventually! Let me give you an example it is indefinite we will die one day but when it happens is TBD! Though the new article has parks reopen by June obviously not indefinite!

    1. Colleen

      lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time.

      WDW is closed for an indefinite about of time.

      1. Jackie

        I agree w mark indefinite sounds wrong and disney never used that word! So in term the writers are wrong and so are you for taking their side!

  2. Cheryl

    My daughters high school band was to be there April 1-4th. Us parents that couldn’t be on the bus. We had a room block where the kids were going to be. We also got discounted tickets. It’s not right that we aren’t eligible for the dining plan. Our plans were cancelled by Pop Disney. The band rescheduled for May 22-? Not sure how many days. We had to wait til the school got their rooms. Before we can make our reservation. Now our kids have their reservations. And we can’t make reservations. I’m disabled. I’ve been doing everything I can to be there & see my daughter in the Disney parade. She’s a senior. Plus this is her first time at Disney. I really want to be there. We should be able to make reservations since our kids will be there. Mine also has heart conditions. I don’t want her to be there & something happen to her. Just not right!

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