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Credit: Johns Hopkins


  1. Patricia Harrington

    What will Disney do if the parks have to close? Of course health and safety is my top priority, but I already purchased park tickets for both Disney World and Universal for end of March/beginning of April. It is unlikely that I will be able to reschedule my trip since it’s over the kid’s spring break.

    1. Sara Floyd

      I am wondering the same thing. We are flying down from ohio for spring break, and cannot reschedule for the same reason. We are going in less than 3 weeks. What if the parks close? We have tickets, and hotel

      1. Jackie

        These folks were isolated 1 wasnt even corona just a cold the other is on its way to joining the survival party of almost 90k besides manatee is 2 hrs away and you must come in connect like any virus its not going to wdw via osmosis! Just travel w hand sanitizer! I bring wipes for the plane too!

  2. Harley

    Its the flu are we really going crazy over the flu my dr and my sons dr said this so i am not just talking out my ass! Lets stop besides the cases have been isolated and they are both located hrs away from the parks! Like any virus you need to physically come in contact w it you can not get it via osmosis!

  3. Mark

    Just bc there is a case doesnt mean you can catch it! These people have been isolated does wdw close for the flu pneumonia etc NO! Stop being your own dr! Dr google isnt how it works! I would hope Disney is smarter than this besides manatee county is 2hrs away thats a long hike! Besides we are going to be back in summer weather soon and the virus hates the heat the cdc said it can not see it going anywhere fast here! Besides dr on local news said theres more a chance going somewhere and catching a cold then coronavirus.

  4. Rebel Porg

    I had a serious case of the flu sick for months didnt go to hosp just stayed home and got better gradually went back to my dr for the all clear they said my strain of the flu is what is now being called the coronavirus! I survived i am good and i didnt cause panic!

  5. barbara

    State of Emergency with 2 cases. Really? Why not a State of Emergency for the flu? We are out of control with this corinavirus situation.

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