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Doc McStuffins

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  1. Harley

    My kid is sp needs tween but he loves wdw and loves wdi the imagineering story came at the right time for him! Hes homeschooled so we even did imagineering in a box as an art project now when he goes to the parks he pays extra attn to details etc. (Epcot experience is one of his favorite places at the moment he even met the vp of epcot day 1 whom said that they needed dreamers like him for the future). He loves all behind the scenes stuff on movies too thats why i appreciate dvds still too he could watch the behind the scenes stuff for days and not watch the movies! Even for me as an adult its all fascinating! I recomend it highly!

    1. Mark

      Imagineering in a box was so trippy to me but cool too! WDI the truly unthanked disney heros!

    2. Harley

      Ps. Try to find Schoolhouse rock its still a favorite in my house might be alittle silly looking for the kids but at least they are learning and your free to do what you need… take advice from a parent whom already homeschools its a life saver! Esp if you need to go back to AP in laundry and your worried kids are already bored!

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