Solo Disney Day: How to Have Fun at the Parks By Yourself

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solo disney day
Ever thought about heading to the Disneyland for a solo trip, but you were hesitant about it?  Well, don’t be!  There are many people that spend their free time in the park by themselves, so you are not alone in going alone! It is honestly a very relaxing, no-rush experience.  You do not have to worry about anyone else so you get this sense of freedom to roam.
Even when you plan for your solo trip, you can very easily pull an audible!  Say you were heading over to Star Wars Galaxy Edge to ride Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run but as soon as you get into the park, you see that Mickey Mouse is out mingling in Times Square — you can stop to hang out for a bit.
When you hit up the parks by yourself, you get to soak in the atmosphere in its entirety, noticing little details that you may not have noticed while engaging with your friends and family at the parks, like how beautiful Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is when the sunlight shine upon it.  You just never know, too.  You might end up socializing with other people in the parks and making new friends!
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Amaretto Stout-Cream Cold Brew. Credit: Kristin Yep / ITM

Perks of a Solo Trip

When you go into the parks with others, there can be this feeling of pressure to get to what everyone wants to do with so little time.  On your own, it is really whatever you are in the mood for, and you do not even have to make a decision until you get the parks.  Do you feel like taking your time to look at new merchandise today, or grabbing a coffee and snagging a prime spot for the latest parade?  Maybe trying to get on as many rides as you can in 2-3 hours as possible?  And for you foodies out there, what new foods are out in the parks that you can try while people watching?  It is very heartwarming getting to see all the smiles and laughter of people enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth!
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How to Have a Better Flow

Heading into the parks alone, there is not always a need to have a backpack or purse.  You can just throw all you need into your pockets, and that sense of freedom starts all the way from getting through security lines.  Because you are on your own, you can plan out how you want the day to go so you have some more flow in your trip.  There is not really a need for running back and forth between parks.  It is much better for you to do what you want to do at one park before heading to the other. What is one of the best ideas is going through the parks in a full circle without having to double back to any lands.  

Tips for Single Riding

If you are looking to get on a ton of rides, grab FASTPASSES (MaxPass is even better for flow, but it’s not a necessity) and utilize single rider lines in between.  Single rider lines at Disney California Adventure include Incredicoaster, Goofy’s Sky School, Grizzly River Run, Radiator Springs Racers, and Soarin’ Aroun the World.  At Disneyland, you can jump in the single rider line for Indiana Jones, Matterhorn bobsleds, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Fill in with longer wait time rides when you need a break.
Splash Mountain Single Rider Line Sign

Tips for Optimizing the Day

Mobile order food through Disneyland app when you get hungry and take a seat somewhere.  Look up and admire all the little things that make the park details so intricate.  Alone days at the parks are also great for watching parades.  It is much easier to find a good single person spot closer to the time of the parade than it is for a larger party.  Most people will be nice and let you squeeze in when it is just you.  Then you do not have to be sitting and waiting around for an hour and a half to watch the parade, unless you are adamant about getting a front row spot.  
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Bringing Home the Goods

As mentioned before, there is not always a need for a backpack or purse most of the time when you are on your own.  It really depends on what you plan on doing that day.  If you know that you want to walk around and check out the new merchandise, or you saw something floating around social media that you have to have, then definitely bring something to store your goods so that it is easy to carry.

Give it a Try!

It is really a special experience going to Disneyland alone. It is actually a ton of fun! You get feelings and emotions that you would not have on the days you spend it with others. It is absolutely recommended even if you do it just once —  do not be afraid to try it. Planning solo Disney days works whether you are getting Disneyland tickets just for a day or two, or you’re you are an annual passholder. You will be fully immersed in the Disney magic that Walt Disney created. This guide obviously geared towards Disney California, but it is definitely doable in the other Disney parks as well.

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