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Disneyland Coronavirus update


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    Melody Garcia

    We are scheduled to be there April 4 & 5. We are holding out hope that we won’t have to cancel….waiting til the last minute to decide 🤞🤞🤞

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      I am going to be in Orlando on March 18th-24th. We have tickets to universal studios and Disney. Staying in hotel outside of parks. We currently are not planning on canceling, just going to be extra mindful of what and who we come in contact with.

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        We’re going to be there as well same dates as yuh but staying onsite.. I’m going with my daughter who has the flu right now unfortunately.. hoping that’s the last of it after this. Not planning to cancel trip just yet.. good luck to you and your family., stay healthy and safe and wash wash wash your hands everyone!

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      Sandra Hartman

      Going 3/16 – 3/18

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        Teri Mead-Lindley

        We have plans for Disneyland from 3/23 to 3/26. I am a few months shy of 70yrs. And am extremely nervous. As of right now it looks like we will get penalized when we cancel even though we booked with an authorized agent. No fair!

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    Chester R Nichols

    Going for Daughters 30th Birthday June 5th.
    We will not be cancelling unlless required to.
    Disneyland has always been
    In the forefront in taking care of its guests.

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    Going for Daughters 30th
    Birthday. We will not be cancelling unless required to.
    Disney has always been in the forefront of taking care of thier Guests.

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    We will be there this weekend with our kiddos. We have been pumping up the vitamins and we will be washing hands very frequently.

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    Hello yes I do have a Disney day planned for the future, Disneyland doesn’t refund tickets, I bought the southern California Resident ticket they won’t refund my money or refund money if I already started using my 3 day 1 park. I believe it’s not the publics fault and as we take precautions Disneyland should become up with an idea to refund or postpone socal resident ticket buyers for the summer or something. They won’t lose anything they make about 6 million dollars a day or more.

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    Martha Gonzalez

    My daughter is going on march 12 to 15 with school
    Programs we hope the school not cancel but we are nervus too .

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      Courtney R Chapron-Engi


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        We just returned home after staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge from March 1-6th. We are a 79 year old Grandpa, mother 37, father 38, a 3 year old, and myself, a 73 year old terminal cancer patient. We went to all the parks and made wonderful memories with my granddaughter. We encountered no one who appeared sick…no coughs, sneezing, etc. We practiced more than usual hand washing, sanitizers, etc.
        We had a lovely time…

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    Melanie V Salazar

    The Salazar Family will still be going to Disneyland Anaheim Parks from 3-10–3-24 of 2020. As long as the parks remain open we will be there. Excited as ever, I refuse to let this Virus put a damper on our vacation. Unless the spread of the Corona Virus spreads rapidly, then, by all means, I’d protect my family and cancel. But with such a low risk at this point, there’s really no reason for me to consider canceling this Magical trip. We’ve been to Disneyland several times and the excitement never changes. WhooWhoo here we come Mickey Mouse!!!!

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    Jan Louise Anderegg

    We’re going in July and also next January. Catching this virus is not something I’m worried about.

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    Bill Moss

    We have tickets for the last week of April for a family of ten outing. IF the CDC recommends closing the park during that time, wouldn’t Disney be above board in refunding previously purchased tickets, or allowing a postponement of attendance at the park??? Perhaps we should not have purchased those tickets the first of the year!

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      My husband and I are going to Disneyland for our 3 children’s first time for a week at the beginning of May. We are staying at neighboring hotels. Just going to hope and pray the virus will be contained and dealth with before then. Like everything, there’s always a risk! This is my first time going and I’m 3, my husband,35, and my children ages 10,8, and 3. We are very excited and can’t think of anything else being under 60 days! We’re going to die happily in Disney if we have to!

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      Tressa L Lepley

      Our dream trip to WDW is April 19-25. We are taking our kids and grandkids and are so hopeful it all works out. My biggest fear is getting quarantined somewhere!

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    I was there this past weekend, and plan to go again on March 29th. I will monitor coronavirus updates but I’m just maintaining the common-sense hygiene I always employ – wash hands before eating, cooking, etc., stay home if sick (especially a fever), and never sneeze into your hands. Even my 5- and 6-year old kids know this.

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      Mickey McCreight

      Going early June. No plans to cancel. Not afraid of the virus.

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    Wayne Holdaway

    My wife and I went last Monday 3/2/2020 and had a great time. No plans to change visiting Disneyland in the future unless Disney closes it’s doors due to the virus

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    Going to dl for first time in june my kid has waited half his life to see hat box ghost and dl differences from wdw i am not going to be turned away for a virus that maybe a distant memory by the time june comes… if anything i always travel w Clorox rags, hand sanitizer and lysol!

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    My family and I will be there March 7-9 for my sons birthday

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    I’m more concerned about the Haunted Mansion still being closed than I am about coronavirus.

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    Courtney R Chapron-Engi

    Going to WDW for Star Wars RunDisney weekend…I am going as long as they continue normal operations

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    I just went today and shocked by the extremely high number of Americans who don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, they just do it outwards towards people!!! It was a GERM PARK every corner I went, pretty disgusting. Thank god I went prepared with disinfectants and wipes after every ride, every attraction that involved touching things. Seriously it was traumatising

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    We just went there today.didnt seem like anyone was coughing or sneezing alot….we have a pass and coming less now….I hope the virus won’t be an issue to stop coming:(

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    We are planning to be on 25 July for my daughter’s 6th Birthday.
    We are watching the development closely.

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    We are coming from Canada for a week beginning of May! Can’t wait!!! my boys are so excited for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!!! Me too! Hand washing is the key!!! No plans to cancel

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    Going 3/13-3/15. Not canceling unless Disney shuts its doors!

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    Christine Bridgens

    We had plans to go to Disneyland, Anaheim April 14-17, but our AAA agent told us the park would be closed throughout March–at least. We canceled our plans, and now learn that the closure did not happen!! Good news, but why the misinformation from AAA and the internet where the Disneyland site also said it was to be closed throughout March??!! I hope it will not be a problem rescheduling our flight from Portland, Oregon.

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