Comments for Operations Update: Disney World Hotels, Disney Springs, Downtown Disney Closing

Walt Disney World Grand floridian

Credit: Disney


  1. J

    Not all CMs and employees are being paid. Some Third Party Cast Members are not being paid or have been told to use sick/vacation time to get a check.
    Source: I am one.

    1. Jackie

      Third party hence the term your tech not a cm so do not complain to wdw… different rules get in touch w your organization bc the president said anyone out of wrk will be paid!

  2. Darth Doctor

    I hope this virus goes away and everything is back to normal soon.

    1. Harley

      Me too darth me too good luck to you and yours! The word everyone seems to not get is temporary its not the end of the of the world its crazy scary bc it changes daily but there be worse things we all survive!

      1. Mark

        Darth and harley sitting in a tree! Oh wait… dumb social distancing never mind!

      2. Jackie

        Not the time or the place mark!

      3. Rebel Porg

        Besides its not the time or place darth (fill in blank) doesnt usually comment in same place twice! Do not know if either of them are single either!

      4. Harley

        No bc unlike mark i have a life that doesnt revolve around commenting on posts all day! And trying to setup people like this is right time for it or his stupid cupid! Go back to your daughter and enjoy your bubble stop invading mine!

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