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US Disney Parks Coronavirus Update


  1. Harley

    Thanks for this and reminding people there is a better survival rate instead of paranoia! Besides its still sad though we have to remind people to take care/stay home when sick and wash your hands… esp wash your hands thats kinda gross! Also remember that cold weather spreads and wdw is in warmer weather so that limits it too!

    1. Cindy

      Florida is one if the top three states with older people who retire there. Coronavirus is most deadly to the old and weak. Idiots are going to kill off majority of Florida’s population.

      1. Jackie

        Yes but we also have weather that the coronavirus will not live in fact maybe its idiots whom live in fear! I have survived cancer and my parents are alling our drs just told us so i am not worried!

        1. OyVey

          It’s hard to take seriously any post about a viral pandemic that is not only purely anecdotal, but has at least two typos.

  2. Mark

    I just do not want people staring at me at the parks when my kid starts sniffling etc bc shes got bad allergies and its been really bad! Its been really bad this yr already and people stare esp now its like you cannot catch allergies!

    1. Mark

      Ps. I did an experiment in bio class once where we did a controlled experiment finding a cure for the flu these under the microscope films they keep showing look like the same films in class. I just find it interesting! Also still more deaths from the flu etc oh and my mom died from the common cold! We are all going to die eventual so lets live our best life and not panic!!!

  3. Rebel porg

    My bf has MS and just had an infusion his dr said just make sure you wash your hands and had gotten a flu shot! Which he has!


      The flu shot has NOTHING to do With Corona Virus. Do not spread misinformation.

      1. Rebel Porg

        Hate to break it to you and everyone else but its the flu!

  4. Please live your life

    My cousin is still missing from the tornado that came from out on nowhere in Tenn and we are still talking about this BS! Panic do not panic just stop!

    1. Harley

      I hope your family member is found its so tragic your a perfect reminder there are more important things in life like living or even this that makes you stop and think!! We are arguing nonsense when this happen its a true wakeup call!!! Life is too short so stop panicking about things we do not know and just keep safe! Life is too short to not live it!!

  5. Margaret giancontieri

    I am not changing my plans for a trip to Disney world. People get sick all the time. It’s how you handle yourself before during and after you get sick that effects others. I know that they do their best in the parks to maintain a healthy environment- and technically all you can do is your best. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Margaret g

    I am not changing my plans for our Disney vacation. People get sick all the time! It’s what you of before, during, and yer becoming sick that matters. Disney you are doing a wonderful job keeping the area clean. All you can do is your best. Some people do not have the common sense to wash their hands or cough into their sleeve- or better yet stay home if they are sick. I am glad you are taking extra steps to help with the prevention of illnesses. Thank you all!!!!

  7. Mark

    Heard on the news vaccines will be available within a month so there you go! Till then wash your hands and move on!


      Do not spread this information as it is completely false. CDC said a vaccine will be at least one year away.

      1. Mark

        Thats not true you stop spreading your lies! It was on the news yesterday! If you want to live in a bubble thats on you i am living my life and wdw will stay open for those people! We are also a warmer climate and just like everything else it never lasts here!

      2. Jackie

        Actually considering it only lasts a well person 14d and has had a better survival rate then most things who needs a vaccine!?

      3. Klbjny

        We will be coming to WDW in April. I hope by the. This is mostly behind us but we have been planning our trip forever and can’t imagine just bailing.

  8. Just gross!

    Is it just me or it is scary sad and gross we have to remind people to wash their hands or use sanitizer???

    1. Jackie

      Yes and beyond that whats w the toliet paper????? I am confused how people are panicking but when to get TP instead of clorox rags lysol and sanitizer??? And people i seen living literally w bags and plastic on them its like so you wont die from corona but you will from suffocating!!! Are people this crazy?? Oh and the masks you look like a loon btw drs and health officals say they do not work so point???

  9. Very relieved to see this. My girlfriend and I are planning to visit the Anaheim park at the end of April and we have become increasingly concerned.
    As we have already purchased are hotel accommodations and are tickets for the park. Would have liked to see an official statement from Disneyland Parks; but this is reassuring still.
    Thank you.

    1. Harley

      Dl did put out same statement same day separate article here! Just fyi!

  10. Color me confused

    I just realized the top 3 symptoms of this are shared w the common cold, flu, pneumonia (btw some whom were tested in uk turns out it might be that bc they are short on those kits) plus my kid and i when we have a bad allergy attack esp my kid.

    1. Nurse with news

      Your not confused its why though many choose to panic its the media that does it if you follow normal health guidelines like washing your hand and staying home when sick it will all wrk out! The reason so many things sound the same is bc they truly are w a slight difference in the time frame you will be sick! The reason people are acting like this is the flu is the symptoms are exactly the same its affect the same people w lower immune systems the worse and lasting only 14 days max! Honestly the dr i wrk w even tells our older patients they have more a chance of having a heart attack they getting sick from this and if you do treat it like everything else stay home, get some rest and take care! The panic is only going to lead to stress and then thats a whole nother issue!

  11. Paulo

    Nope, y’all enjoy five less people in the area. We’ll wait, thank you.

  12. We have a trip planned next month during Easter vacation.It is my husbands dream to take our grandkids to Disney.My husband is 81 years old with a heart condition and asthma.Im so nervous and stressed about this virus.I don’t know what we will do.I plan on calling tomorrow to check on details on what is going on and when is the last day we can cancel without losing our money.Praying things work out and we get to have our dream of taking the kids to Disney.

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