Comments for Will Disney World Move Forward with its Construction Projects During the Coronavirus Closures?

Disney World Construction


  1. Mark

    Why wouldn’t they give them perfect time to do it! Esp at epcot they were thinking months ago can not get this done by the 50th if we don’t but try closing epcot but heres the perfect opportunity to move ahead wo guests around…

  2. Harley

    What do you think wdw is doing w its time right now standing still??? Why wouldn’t behind the scenes stuff keep moving have we been told otherwise??? If disney is smart they get stuff done wo guests! Besides the parks will open again and the 50th anniversary goes on bc its the 50th anniversary… thats a date the coronavirus or whatever is around next yr wont bother!

  3. Maggie

    Why not take advantage of this time? I’m going thru Disney withdrawals but looking forward to the reopening. Can’t wait for California park and the new Avengers area.
    Be safe!

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