Comments for Disney Encourages New Vacation Bookings With HUGE Discount Offer



  1. Harley

    This is encouraging along w the avengers academy hitting the map seems to me disney is at least stay positive as we all should be in this cautious time!

  2. Deborah

    Have not rebooked our trip. We used Disney trip planner who is now in the hospital. So hopefully when she gets out we can still get a good deal and some rooms we had booked 2 rooms for 5 nights.

  3. Celie Rabalais

    It sounds really nice, except for the fact that most schools probably will be extending the school year through June.

  4. Derek

    How is this a HUGE deal? This is failing miserably at being something to “draw people back” Deals on park hoppers or complete vacation packages are good, not 10-20% off the most inflated hotel prices.

  5. Lynn Hale

    Any deals introduced for WDW Florida?

  6. Barry Moss

    We are still going to be dealing with COVID-19 for at least a couple of months, so while I would love to plan a Disney getaway, I don’t think it will be happening until the later half of 2020.

  7. Ken

    This is a Non-Deal. First off no one is vacationing anywhere the next month or so, secondly it’s still a rip off at 20% off.

  8. Stephen

    This does not seem like anything as Florida residents rates are way more off than that. Disney will have to offer bogo. Also they need to extend all tickets for 1 year as many have stated the parks will not be ready for a long time. Atleast not ready for the working class that can’t take a month off with out pay.

  9. Kale - Sora Lalonde

    Travel between may and June of this year!? Waaaaa

    Do they no realize that the COVID 19 virus is going to be around for at least a year!? A vaccine will takes months to develop even at this accelerated rate, in the mean time the virus will only continue to spread. Reopening up theme parks is a horrible idea and puts countless of people at risk.

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