Comments for All Disney Stores in North America Temporarily Closing Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Disney Store Albuquerque NM


  1. Mark

    Ok please stop all these closings! Your not with large groups for days on end i get the parks but malls supermarkets parks beaches etc please how long do you stay at those places??? I do not know about you but i go to my local stores grab a few things and go i am not spending days there! My daughter and i just went to the local park which is now closed for what reason??? Who knows??? Even other states they are recommending parks beaches etc stay open so we arent stuck inside all day btw if your worried you do not have to sit on top of people, kids play use sanitizer, and enjoy the weather as it changes! I hope the weather like it always does help btw cdc i bet is waiting on that too have you noticed everything stops by may… just think about that!

    1. Harley

      I get your point i see it but thats why i prefer outlets bc malls in general are closed in spaces and huge exposure to anything! At least the outlets are more open! I do not get the parks thing or beach or pools chlorine along w salt water actually kill alot of illnesses vs expanding them! Think about everything thats out there now besides corona we didnt get anything from that…. though in all honestly this is a huge wakeup call to find purpose and enjoy life! Hug your daughter and enjoy it all! One step at a time!

      1. Jackie

        Are you 2 seriously discussing this??? I am surprised any brick and motor stores are around still!

  2. Fay

    It’s because we get tourists from other countries and they have viruses and germs. They can spread it all around.

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