Fly High with This Disney Springs Aerophile Groupon

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Credit: Brandon Trush / ITM

Get ready to fly with this Groupon for the hot air balloon, Aerophile, at Disney Springs! Previously known as “Characters in Flight”, the balloon carries guests 400 feet into the sky. And with this amazing Groupon deal, you can now save almost 50% off on the flight!

Credit: Brandon Trush / ITM

The typical price to ride in the balloon is $20 for adults (ages 10 and older), and $15 for children (ages 3 to 9). With this Groupon deal, tickets are only $11.50 per person. This means you can get two tickets for $23 instead of $40 (42.5% off)! Important to note: the deal cannot be redeemed until 24 hours after it has been purchased, so be sure to plan at least a day ahead with purchasing it!

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What To Expect

My recommendation is to try and go at or around sunset. I ventured into the sky right as the sun was setting, and was treated to a very beautiful view of Disney Springs and the surrounding area. Be ready to take pictures of both the view and selfies with the view behind you; the flight will only last about 8 minutes!

Credit: Brandon Trush / ITM

The Balloon Goes Very High

I personally don’t think that pictures do it justice just how high the balloon takes you. As someone with a slight fear of heights, I was a bit wary watching just how high it was bringing us. However, the balloon is tethered, and a Cast Member takes the flight with the group as well and lets you know what to expect during the entire ride. The Cast Member eased my nerves significantly and I enjoyed the entire flight despite my fear of heights.

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Credit: Brandon Trush / ITM

Keep An Eye on the Weather!

Aerophile is very reliant on the weather! According to its official page, it will not fly if winds exceed 22mph, or if there is a storm. Luckily, with the Groupon deal, the purchase will not expire until after 90 days. So if you’re on vacation and the day you planned on riding the balloon has weather that isn’t optimal, you could always reschedule for a different day!

Do you plan on taking the flight? Have you previously ridden Disney Springs’ Aerophile before and think the Groupon is worth it? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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