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mickey and minnie at disneyland

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  1. Harley

    Where are you again getting your info cms if anything are bit bored bc there at home but its still for the best and if anything concerned bc disney hasn’t given the orders to extend opening in the state of things not bc of their jobs!

  2. Darth Doctor

    I dunno. If I were Disney right now, I’d be sending like one guy a day with paint bucket and be like, “Here, go touch up the lobby.”

    1. Harley

      Actually my friend said they could help our clean and do it in shifts etc. And management said no they also were told personally by management at least ones i know it might be may thats why its taking so long some people want april some want may!

  3. Rebel Porg

    We are debating $15 an hr right???

  4. Morgan

    I dont appreciate the tone of their letter, now the overall tone of this article! You think those 7000 workers are the only ones who would like to know when they are going back to work? There are currently MILLIONS of displaced workers wondering where the next paycheck will come from, they dont have a u uon to hide behind. Behavior/attitudes like this are deplorable considering the nwtionwide situation. Does anybody really think Disney isnt doing the best they can? That they dont want to reopen and start making money asap? You think they have some kind of crystal ball that the rest of the country doesnt have? Everybody is just doing the best they can here, come on.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      The union can not do anything bc neither the parks or their offices are open! Besides the union never gets answers reason why many wdw cm arent under the union it sucks! Also ent is glad they have equity and not the disney union! But then again equity is fighting a different battle right now and its getting pay for broadway!

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