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CDC Disney Closure


  1. Andrea

    My family and I are planning a trip to Florida April 3rd. We have Disney tickets for the 5th 6th and 7th. We are waiting it out to see what happens. If the park closures are extended we will then schedule another date.

    1. Janis smith

      I have disney tickets april 19 and 20. Please open back up
      It will be my first time to Disney. Ever.

      1. Michelle

        My family has a trip planned for my nieces birthday April 20th-24th. We haven’t bought tickets to the parks yet, but I’ve made so many reservations for fun things to do. We’ve been looking forward to this since Christmas.

        1. Leah

          Yes I do, itsplanned for April 1st through the 4th. Me and a friend were coming for the food and Wine festival.

      2. Lisa

        I have plans for the first week of May. Hoping we can still go.

      3. Ginny

        We currently have reservations and tickets April 8th-12th at Walt Disney World. Hoping they open back up.

    2. Lin

      no. it won’t be opened. most reschedule dates for plays and other venues are well into may

      1. Jackie

        Wow did you take negative pills thats not going to help! Staying positive and hoping things do reopen is best way to go means we are out of this! Unlike you most of us like to get back to our normal lifes which includes visiting the parks guess what i am a cancer survivor w 2 parents in wc and we have been through worse! This too shall pass yes it might be a while but worse things have been survived!

        1. Ember

          Things are never going to be back to “normal” you all need to care more about public safety than going to a stupid park. Get your priorities straight.

        2. BrianBrian Oclair

          Just a word of advice DONT buy your tickets Up front , we had a trip planned for May 9-18 in order to get my daughters room with the pass holder discount I had to buy there tickets separately, we cancelled the trip I got everything back , room dining plan. However I can’t get the cost of the tickets back. I can use them on our next trip. Hope this helps.

      2. Joan Becker

        We check in May 12th so we should be ok right?

    3. Bear

      Get a refund

    4. Ryan Ferguson

      OMG! Are you not aware of how serious this is? You need to “let it go”! We don’t have an immunity, there is no vaccine and has a higher mortality rate than the common flu. Remember we have a vaccine for that… Please do not put your kids and family at risk.

      1. Mark

        Yep 300k cases of death due to flu theres a vaccine for that but thousands of unknown strains this could be one! Gheez have you had the common cold that has no vaccine and you can get that all day long… is wdw going to close for that NO! It will all work out trust stay strong and stay positive for your own mental state!

      2. EMMA JO

        Amen! People need to stop being…me…me..me

    5. Elena

      I booked our first family vacation April6th-11th to Anaheim Disneyland.
      Have not been able to cancel or rebook yet, totally bummed.
      Being a student myself my schedule is not always open to take the time to go.

  2. Harley

    Its all a catch 22 bc the cdc is doing its best but they also are learning this from scratch as well all are and i know thats where the panic stems from! Besides every 5 seconds its on tv doesn’t help! I know disney like everywhere will know what to do in time but again they are a big business and note there arent many cases in fl and warm weather always defeats viruses and we are going to be 90 degrees soon! Its a hard thing to think of but eventually everything will go back to normal or some version of it! We just need to have hope and strength to pull through it! Just like any virus for those that suffer there also those whom heal and get well within the 2wks! Its wks even cdc knows this and theres many that arent sick… or are already well! It like everything in life takes time! And bc we are all only human not superhuman time is different for all and that my friends is what disney schools the world will focus on most… living life not staying in panic like its end of the world! God bless everyone (even those whom aren’t religious bc everyone esp in this time deserves a prayer weather you want it or not).

    1. Jackie

      Omg i saw the plastic bags too one lady had there kid and themselves in it thats the first thing i thought… you wont get corona but now you just suffocated! Stay save harley and ty for the reminders everyone needs to stay calm!

    2. Sad but true

      Having mental problems and wearing a plastic bag cant kill be but corona can!

    3. Jackie

      I hope your kidding sad but true…

    4. Christie Gilpatrick

      I have plans to go to disney april 11 to the 21st. Im praying they will be open. We have alot of money invested in this trip. It will be my daughters first time going

    5. Bear

      Get a refund. This is going to take months.

    6. T

      And this is also florida with massive elderly population. They need to stay closed. I’m sure disney will honor tickets at a later time.

      1. Crazy is the new norm

        Alot of them have this outlook like i am dying anyways which isnt safe in any situation!

      2. Harley

        The old people i see around have that mentality of the grandma from the croods… still alive!!!

    7. Kerri S

      Amen! More positive. I believe mind over matter is a healer in itself. This is Gods plan and we need to remember we are all exactly where we are meant to be and have faith thatGod knows best.

      1. Bruce Eisentrager

        Don’t bring God into this. This has nothing to do with religion.

      2. Harley

        Bruce just bc you have no faith doesnt mean to tell us we can not it has everything to do w it! If you do not believe that or have some hope no one will get through this ever! I pray for through this either way! Constantly forget disney was a proud christian! We should stand united not separate each other more!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          No offense.

          If this is your god’s plan, your god is a thug.

      3. Jackie

        Kenneth we all have the same God you idiot!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          “we” don’t

    8. Aaron

      Booked a year in advance for our trip in April so it’s a big deal especially when we have 13 going house rental tickets and most of all time off for 3 families that’s the hard part not the money but reschedule for everyone since it was a pain trying to coordinate with all…

    9. Julia A Pearson

      160 cases & 5 deaths is more than “not that many.” Caution is needed not panic I agree.
      We need to stay home, follow the cancellation policies Disney has put out and wait see.

  3. Adam

    This whole thing has been a nightmare. I work a a major grocery store and work has been horrible with no end in sight. Just getting beat up and chewed out because we dont have toilet paper. I just hope at the end of all of this I can at least enjoy my trip that my family and I have been planning and saving for years for.

    1. Janis smith

      Going April 17-24, please open. My first trip ever to walk Disney world, I just turned 50. Years old
      Please stay open

      1. Doctor Dave

        Janis it’s thinking like this that will get a lot of people sick and killed.

      2. Karlie reitmann

        We are scheduled for may 2nd -the 5th fingers crossed

    2. George

      Hang in there Adam. I know some are showing us their worst, but people like you are showing us their best by going to work and keeping us safe and comfortable. I do hope you get to enjoy your vacation when the time comes. Hang in there and thanks for m what you do!

  4. Jasmine

    We have a prepaid trip to Disneyland for April 4-9 with tickets for disney the 5-8. I sure hope things chill out and we are able to go otherwise we will have to wait until summer break. Was really hoping to go during spring break when it’s not so warm there.

  5. Janie

    I know there are many sick #s dont lie but there are millions of people around the world healthy too! What about us do we not count cdc??? How about those that got sick and sre alive why not give those #s in your statistics too maybe there be less stress over toilet tissue and more important things like how will i pay my bills wo wrk etc. Besides theres only been still 65 deaths to date here in US… 65!!! More people died from the flu just last yr here forget around the world and that has a vaccine for crying outloud! The cdc is making it sound like the worlds going to end tomm! I get helping controlling but panic is a strange tactic i agree w harley could only lead to mental health issues later!

  6. Rebel Porg

    The CDC doesn’t make the laws and rules! They do not have that right! Horrible reporting as always on itm!

    1. George

      Lol. Laws and rules. ITM reported what the CDC put out… a recommendation. From the article… “According to CNBC, the Centers for Disease Control are recommending that all gatherings of people in numbers greater than 50 be canceled for another eight weeks.”

      So what did they get wrong here? No one at ITM appears to be making a claim that CDC “makes laws and rules.”

      It appears as though you just wanna hate. Why don’t you just avoid visiting the site and get your DIS news somewhere else?

  7. Mark

    Like some one mentioned on another post if i walked outside and everything is fine its all going to be ok… if the sun exploded birds started not chirping and ground started shaking and meteors started exploding things then i say we have something to fear for now lets take a deep breathe! Tomorrow hasnt arrived yet next month hasnt one day at a time one foot in front of the other! Besides whose the cdc to tell me how to live my life??? Before this it was a website google sent me too if i got sick! Actually last time i was on ir was yrs ago trying to find out why my baby sister at 16 had to die of cancer! And why she couldn’t get tested!

    1. Scary world we live in

      Or as a scifi fan i say if a monolith doesnt appear in my backyard its a good day! I am so sorry about your sister cancer is such a silent killer to many wo a cure and we are worried about corona!

      1. Love wdw

        I think we all need like word there are survivors to curve panic but still not we can pull through this bc your right if they keep saying deaths everyone will go its the end of the world!

  8. Lisa

    Scheduled trip May 2-9. Praying with fairy dust that we all can go. Have many hours of planning and money spent on this vaca. Taking my Mom to celebrate her 70th bday and her retirement. Let us decide if we want to go or cancel!

    1. Ted

      We’re checking in on the 2nd as well. Hope to see you in Florida!

  9. Rebel Orange Bird

    The world can not just shut down forever i am sorry i do not care what the cdc says thats not at all healthy and seeing how most things have been canceled but may/june hasnt been mentioned guess what makes me believe by then all of you complaining the rest of us do not understand etc will be sick of it too! I am sorry i will repeat THE CDC DOESNT OWN ME OR MY LIFE THERE FOR CAN NOT TELL ME HOW I SHOULD LIVE IT nor anyone else! I want to survive but i can not do with living my life the way i want too!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Living my life the way i want too not the way i am told too– checking myself there!

    2. Jesus Christ

      God, it’s always ME ME ME with you people

    3. God

      God, it’s always ME ME ME with you people

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        For a person using the word God should know best version of self and love one another is what we all live by! Wow just wow we must stay together and face whatever goes on and pray it ends-

    4. Kenneth Cox

      The government can enforce a quarantine if that is deemed needed. It is part of the whole social contract of government for the safety of all. If you going out and living your life how you want to means endangering people then yes, there are government powers that can restrict that. This is part of living in a society.

      1. Jackie

        I am myself its called free will and being a human the government can not take that away from me or my elder parents we all been through worse and the way they and alot of their friends see it they are dying eventually so might as well live life!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          No such thing as true free will.

          What I am seeing is someone who doesn’t care about other people and their health as long as they get what THEY want.

          The government can very well tell you that you can’t go out for public safety.

  10. Tina

    My daughters birthday is easter. Wont be like that again til 2099. So this was special. I would hope they open by then… But I may be kinda nervous to get out so soon without really knowing what’s lingering out there.

  11. Michael B.

    My wife and I planned a trip at the begging of last year, we have waited all year for it.. we originally planned for march 28 through april 4th, but because of the shut down and many hours of waiting for updates, we moved it to march 30th through april 7th. So hopefully they will open back up by the 1st. If not, I dont know what we will do because we have E tickets. Also we wont be able to go back for another two years… I guess we will see… still going to Flordia though..

  12. Caitlyn

    We are going on our honeymoon 4/26 to 5/5 hoping for this best as we have been planning this for over a year!!

  13. Jodi

    We are scheduled to get married on May 4th in the Rose Court Garden at Disneyland Resort. Given the specificity of the date (Star Wars Day – May the 4th), and the corresponding details of a themed wedding, it’s not as if it can easily be pushed out a couple weeks. The option is to push out an entire year. Essentially, if Disney remains closed we will be out thousands of dollars (even if Disney provides refunds) since deposits have already been payed to multiple vendors, dress has been purchased, and invites paid and mailed.

  14. Monique

    Going April 28th!! Taking him mama for her birthday! I bought 5 tickets already ? hope it open

  15. Amanda brown

    Hiya I go to Walt Disney world on 18th may, will it be open by then?

  16. Eric

    Hello from Switzerland…. I have to say, with much love, that there’s no way the parks will open again that soon. If you don’t know what is coming for the USA, please just read international news. Europe is about 10-14 days “behind” Europe with this virus progression. Check out what’s going on in Italy. The USA (not just the parks but all businesses) will be closed for at least a month starting VERY soon.

    There’s nothing to be scared about, but also, it’s foolish to say “there is a slight chance we might be waiting a little longer [than March 13 for the parks to re-open].” There’s no “slight chance,” there’s a HUGE chance. It’s simple epidemiology, simple math, and easy to research what’s coming.

    With love, let’s all get through this and prepare to be home for a while. And I HOPE I’m wrong.

    1. Jackie

      March 13th was the closing date not opening reopening is end of month! It might extend into april bc the world is but beyond that is still unsure bc i am wondering if cdc is waiting to see like other viruses if weather will be factor and kill this like most other things! I know we in fl are about more concerned about no rain in the forecast bc allergens have been maddening and if fire season is as bad as they are predicting… god forbid that thought like everyone else thinking end of world!

    2. Jace Scholler

      One of the few proper viewpoints of the situation, and you’re not even from the United States. Classic.

  17. Jen

    Hoping Disney reopens as planned. My family has a trip to Walt Disney World April 3-8th. My sister’s family is joining us. I don’t believe the virus will thrive as the temps and humidity rise over the next couple of weeks.

  18. Mint

    Have a Disney trip with my fiance for May 5-7th for our anniversary. We’re not too worried either way as we can always reschedule. This is more of a staycation because we’re only an hour from the park.

  19. Isela

    We are suppose to go from May 1-8. I am glad to go if they open back up in time. But I’m worried about if they will still have thi NCG d like the character meet n greets . My daughter is so excited to go meet all the princesses

  20. Audrey

    We had our original vacation planned for March 22-28th. We rescheduled when the parks scheduled to close for April 26-May 2! Hoping that Disney would open in April! If we have to reschedule later we will! We are taking my sister for her first trip!

    1. Harley

      I know how you feel we are supose to go to dl for the first time promised vacation to my son hes already had to not go for his bday coming up! As a long time wdw ap we are looking forward to dl esp my son! Like you i hope for a turn around… its all one step at a time! I hope you get to your trip and enjoy!

  21. Amanda

    Supposed to be going april 25th-may1st 🙁

  22. Caron Goodall

    I have a family vacation planned to stay at DL hotel from April 25-May 1st and 5 day Disney tickets. I’m staying positive that this is going to happen.

  23. Registered for the Star Wars races on April 17-19. I’ve held off on buying park tix till another update. I know this hurts Fastpass options, but oh well. RunDisney has been totally silent on this so far.

  24. Our family is scheduled to go April 6-10. Still hoping.

  25. A dr in the know

    While granted cdc is up in the air like we all are its a learning process and a great opportunity of purpose in life! Remember drs nurses and health people know best please do not believe in hoax info your getting there are hackers out there hacking into info about corona from email and social to get your personal info!

  26. Jeankerbell

    My family is planning a trip to WDW from 4/29 to 5/4 to celebrate my 50th birthday. If the parks are closed, I’m not sure we will reschedule, since I can’t really reschedule my birthday… 🙁 And we’ve been planning this for almost a year to get everyone’s travel scheduled. Bummer.

    1. Linda

      We are supposed to go April 11-16. I hope they reopen in time.

  27. Caylie k

    I have a trip planned for the 1-5 of April for Disneyland with tickets to go into the park the 2-4. I am really hoping they don’t close longer because this is my last official trip with my boyfriend before he leaves for Marines bootcamp for 3 months

  28. Mark

    Alot of us here in fl pray this passes before fire season starts and hurricane season where things could just get way worse for us personally then just getting sick! But i still hope everyone affected stays well! The govenor just made a statement saying most cases in fl are travel related! So knowing that wdw might think about things but lets hope for the best!

    1. Crazy is the new norm

      Could you imagine stay in bc of corona but you have to evacuate bc of a hurricane!

  29. Rebel Orange Bird

    I think once wdw reopens everyone whom can reschedule etc for bdays anniversary first trips we should all get together N celebrate together!

    1. Harley

      Nice thought but is there a restaurant w that capacity at wdw?

  30. mrsmouse61

    Two trips to DLand/Calif Adventure in our fam – 2 members going 4/19 – 21 and another couple May 10-13… hoping at least one of these trips can happen as planned. I have to stay positive because this is all we can do. Hoping everyone stays safe and well and this whole ordeal somehow strengthens our country and brings out the good vs. the evil. Be well

  31. Laurie Brooks

    Our family of 5 have our first ever Disney trip scheduled for April 20 – April 25…and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can still make it. We’ve paid for round-trip airfare from Boston to Orlando already, so if Disney cancels due to this virus, we would need to change those tickets too, so we’re hoping Disney lets us know asap if the Florida park closure will be extended throughout the month of April.

  32. We have a family vacation for 17 people starting May 8-15th. So many hours of planning. How to not be so sad if it does not happen.

  33. Deb

    We had spring break trip to fly to Orlando March 25 thru April 6. Our hotel reservation is March 31, ?with tickets April 1-4. ? Our first time to Disney with our grandson. But Would rather be healthy and always reschedule.

  34. Tricia L.

    We are supposed to go May 3rd to celebrate birthdays, but we might have to postpone until it is safer for senior citizens to travel (since it is their birthday we are celebrating.)

  35. Mark

    I just heard from cms and managers i know waiting to go back to work the inside info was may not march 30th! I do not know how true that is but at least thats better than sept which was first told! Either way fingers crossed this hunker down breaks something cdc said they are close to some sort of vaccine and are going to test on humans soon! Remember stay safe and this will all be over soon! We have all survived worse!

    1. Courtney

      so they think they will def open by April 1st?

      1. Mark

        I said May the earliest above!

  36. Jaso

    We have a trip booked for May8-18. We plan to keep it and be there.

  37. Erica

    April 5-7 at Disneyland. Have 3 Day SoCal tickets, which expire May 21st. There is no way that I could go before they expire if the parks are kept closed longer. $1200 in tickets that we saved three years for 🙁

  38. M

    People are dying, you can live without Disney trust me

    1. Jace Scholler

      Right? These people on here are f’n ridiculous!

    2. Jana

      It took me a good two weeks to accept this situation. It’s not fun, I was definitely looking forward to going to Disney in a few days, and I was really mad that the corona virus canceled my vacation. I’m still not happy about it, but I have seen videos online of people who are suffering from this virus. We need to be praying for them and we need to shift the focus off of what we want right now and instead focus on what we can do to stop the spread of this virus. Rest assured, Disney will open again, but We need to be patient and cooperative and stay home like we have been asked unless you are an essential worker. Besides, Disney will be much more enjoyable if we can relax and just have fun without being paranoid about germs and whether or not we are far enough away from other people.

  39. Ernestina

    We were supposed to be there from March 30th through April 4th, were so sad

  40. Bob

    Never seen so many selfish people in my life. Stay home. Don’t jeopardize others. This is just beginning bunch of whinners. Glad you weren’t with my father at Normandy

  41. Heather

    I have a trip to Disneyland California planned for April 5-11 with my son. We are from North Carolina and I have been paying on this trip for almost a year so I pray they open and we can enjoy this mother/son vacation

  42. DizzyDisney

    Rough estimates are now suggesting that this will disrupt daily life, events, and businesses potentially until July or August according to the federal officials and at minimum 8 weeks according to the CDC. Most are suggesting 50-75% of the population will be infected and it won’t actually be contained for at least a year once they have a vaccine.

    Whether you are in the low risk category or not, we can’t afford every guest at Disney bringing this home to their grandparents. A vacation is not worth losing our elders over. 2 weeks to a month is a starting point. I would expect 6-8 weeks at best.

  43. Wake up people

    And whom are you to say the end of the world is coming bc its not! This too shall pass and we are all remaining positive it does how about you get a life!

  44. Wild ostrich

    You all remember its only suppose to last 2 wks and they now know this is like pneumonia! Its also not the of the world so lets all stay calm and now the parks will eventually reopen for now lets just enjoy life maybe take a break from commenting esp on edge and spreading negativity!!!!! Lets all just breathe none of this is good for ones mental house lord only knows nor will be staying in a house but thats the rules for now

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Yes please walk away if your only going to be negative- for a bunch of disney fans you need to take happy pills!

    2. Kenneth Cox

      Considering public schools are closed until April 15th, it’s not just “2 weeks”.

      1. Yeti guru

        Have you been a bubble too long the virus if you get it is 2 wks long! You might want to take orange birds advice and stop spreading hate! Why are we all negative? Even if the world was ending we should have some peaceful moment of hope!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          I am a public school teacher in Florida. I know that schools are closed until mid-April and we are working to teach online classes.

          This is not spreading hate. It is being smart about protecting everyone.

  45. Rochelle

    We have tickets for Disney Hollywood and Animal Kingdom the week of April 5th , 2020. If the park doesn’t reopen, will customers receive a refund?

  46. Concerned about all

    I know as a Floridian in a already bad situation from the last hurricane and now entering fire season wo much rain ahead then going into another hurricane season…. floridia better pray things get better or our lives will be way worse the just sick w corona! They are calling for a bad hurricane season too i could only imagine if it goes that far and all this together! Trying to stay positive but your all debating wdw etc try worrying about life! What happens if both these seasons are bad… then what??? Be a whole lot worse to loose a house, your livelihood etc then get sick and you wont have anywhere to hide from the virus either! Yes be positive but also be smart more to life then wdw! Its a great distraction we could all need but i think life is more important!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      I know people on broadway whom are still fighting pay bc even the mayor assumes its nyc it will get there… every theatre is its own small business only the producers have money! I pray fl makes it wo much worse as for all of us as well! Its got to come to a close or just like 9/11 we all just moved on bc we had too… its all part of life have to take account for whats important! Parks opening no matter how much we all need magic isnt the way to go right now!

  47. I was coming to Disneyland April 1st-4th for the food and wine festival but I’m not sure if I should cancel.

  48. Janie

    Hate to break it to you its not good news i bare.. my friend is in the military the troops are waiting for the all clear from the president cdc already noticed him we are going into lockdown for 2 months the earliest! Lockdown will have a curfew of 7pm and that is all they are telling anyone!

    1. Harley

      I wouldnt be suprised if cdc knew about this and so did china and we could have been over this already by now too! My family member is in military they said that! Thanks for the update! One step at a time it is! Btw saw my first survivor news story today need more of those it def will help the situation be less doom and gloom but in a positive direction!

      1. Janie

        All i could say is if this was a game you one a prize! I saw you type elsewhere you had this before too glad your all ok! Your son and aunt esp bc of their cases along w other survivors are the good news we need to stay hopeful!

  49. Megantron


  50. Melissa

    We have park tickets for April 7,8,9. It will be our first time to Disney. We planned this since last year. We are waiting it out till April 1 to see if it will reopen and if not I guess we gotta reschedule 🙁

  51. Harley

    You know anyone making fun of people saying we are all about me…me… me… yes correct english is if your asking a question or giving an opinion you would be saying me and i…. apparently you do not know what correct english is! I bet your not same people whom complain about how we should all use correct english too! Go troll somewhere else… We are all worried and wish the parks would reopen hate to break probably will be a while! Btw i agree w rebel orange bird we have alot of hate towards each other for disney people!

  52. Mark

    I am done trusting cdc they knew about this and did nothing!!! And now we do not know anything every day it changes the world can not deal w this forever! When this started they said it was flu then pneumonia now fda says mmr shots are helping thats why younger generations are ok bc they get vaxxed! Tomm it be something else till its enough is enough and everyone will be like i am living and leave there bubble! Its just crazy ya know!

    1. Kenneth Cox

      younger people are not ok. Younger people are also catching this. So no, just because you are vaccinated for MMR does not mean you are protected.

      Also the CDC never said this was flu or that is was pneumonia. The virus is similar to those but it is not.

      1. Mark

        Yes it is wake up and get your self out of a bubble! I do not know whats scarier you telling everyone what you believe or the fact the cdc doesnt know what this is and changes its mind! I am sorry but fda said they are helping people will malaria, mmr and flu shots! Its in the news! Your very negative to be like telling us to wake up when all we are doing is staying positive! I do not care when the parks reopen it be great to have something to do w my kid but you know i could start just start working on next year school work i am a homeschool parent so welcome to me and half the floridians that hate the school systems lives! Just bc you have to change your life doesn’t mean you could yell at all of us being positive! I had this early in the yr it was scary 3 wks horribly sick wouldn’t put on worst enemy but not thinking its end of world either!

      2. Jackie

        Actually agree w mark cdc did say that and they did say they known since nov apparently you avoid corona tv don’t you!?

  53. Street Spitzley

    I’m going to Disneyland this June in Anaheim to celebrate my high school graduation. I’m going with my cousin who lives in California. I’m worried that it could change due to the virus. Will I still be able to go to Disneyland California this June?

  54. Street Spitzley

    I’m going to Disneyland California this June after Father’s Day on the 22nd. Will it be open by then?

  55. "Eags"

    Yes.. this is our first vacation as a family in over 6 years. We have been saving for years for this.. and i have pre-paid for so much.. We are all devastated, but we are healthy! So,, for that i count my blessings… We will make the best of it and plan some fun activities within the safety of our home..

    1. Harley

      I hope eventually you and everyone else gets to enjoy their trips but in a time when things are better! Stay prayerful in your blessings and safe!

  56. Jessica

    I have two 3 day Disneyland tickets I received as a birthday gift that’s supposed to expire in May. How can I get new tickets since I wasn’t able to use them and may not be able to since the park is closed?

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