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Bob Chapek, Hong Kong Disneyland



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    Pixar Pier is an embarrassment and shouldn’t be looked to as any kind of positive.

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    How very alieniating to those who have valid criticisms of Chapek’s reign. WDI was originally run independently of the parks and resorts and now they have to play in a sand box of corporate’s own design. Yes, they are very creative in that sandbox, but it still has very distinct walls you can’t climb over. We will never get another beloved non-IP ride like Haunted Mansion or any of the other countless classic attractions at the parks so long as Chapek is in charge.

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    um, shanghai disneyland is not without controversy among disney fans. everybody knows the major prices increases in the US that started about 10 years ago were due to covering costs for building shanghai. and by all accounts, the place is “not great, bob.”

    shoving IP into new attractions is about one thing- merchandising. which means money. they shove characters already known into something so they can sell more, instead of using imagination and creating new stories and new characters. i fear everest at animal kingdom is truly the last original idea attraction we will see. we need joe rhodes to take over chapek’s old role, at least then the parks might stand a chance… and as far as films, all they seem to do now is remake animated movies into live action, most of which have not been good either. this move with chapek is not good.

    and while shoving some IPs into everything, other IPs are being totally neglected. the muppets, for one. the sam eagle restaurant is a start, let’s hope more will follow. if they are going to shove IP into everything, can i suggest involving the muppets/muppet babies into journey into imagination to get rid of the ride that is there now and breathe new life into the space, while retaining figment of course. muppet babies use their imagination (in fact, it’s the entire premise of the show). then move muppet vision 3d into the adjoining theater to preserve it (everyone knows they want it out of hollywood studios, that is plain as day).

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    There is an implication in this article that Pirates is an IP put into parks that people know and love because of the movies. I don’t know that this was intentional, but it should be very clearly noted that Pirates was an original WED Imagineering property that became a movie in the 2000s. Just some food for thought on how you’re wording things in your articles for clarification.

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    Six Flags is where I’ve been spending my theme park money for the past several years, and the experience has been great. Figuring it up as fun per dollar, it’s been absolutely amazing. It may be a little less “immersive”, but Disney immersion stopped being worth the amount they want for it a while back.

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