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  1. Tom

    He did the right thing.

  2. Thomas

    She’s an absolute pain in the behind! She’s often on UK daytime TV when there’s an LGBT+ debate, and she always makes herself look an absolute fool – especially since the male presenter of said TV show himself recently came out and SHOCK HORROR the world didn’t implode! I’m all for people to have their own opinions, including those who don’t agree with LGBT people so long as they have something to back up their points of view based on current situations. If you look at Katie Hopkins (though I suggest you don’t, as she doesn’t need any attention), this woman is in the same bracket as her, disagrees with anything, and then contradicts herself whenever someone questions her.

  3. Cal

    Sorry Bob but unfortunately not everyone agrees with the LGBT movement. Does the under performing Onward not say anything to you? I was all set to wanna see that movie until the headlines came out about the one character being portrayed as a lesbian. Now there’s talk of one of the new marvel movies coming out soon called the Eternals that’s supposedly going to have a homosexual character in it with a same sex kiss??? Also the new Thor movie is supposed to have the character Valkyrie trying to find herself a wife??? There’s a LOT of Christian families that have looked to Disney over the years as family friendly content and there’s also going to be a LOT of those families that will not pay to watch movies with that kind of representation in them. Sorry but it’s true.

    1. Concerned

      Aren’t Christians supposed to practice love and understanding? There are kids who will one day come out as gay. Maybe your kids… I came out as gay in a Christian household, and I am living my life to the fullest that I am able to. If you kids (hypothetically) were in the same boat, wouldn’t you want them to have some sort of positive representation in the world?

      But lets be honest. Lots of people just think about themselves, and what is comfortable and familiar to them.

    2. Joe

      Cal you need Jesus!
      Doubt he would be as closed minded as you. Enjoy your judgmental life… hopefully you don’t raise your children to be the same as you or were screwed with the next generation too.

    3. Mb

      I’d venture to guess onward is performing poorly due to this crazy pandemic called COViD19. Since gatherings and small spaces are discouraged people aren’t going to movie theaters and since there’s an economic crisis looming in the future people are saving their money.

  4. Matt

    If you are a concerned parent, why not just have conversations with your kids about the content, and what the potential impacts there are when they show straight couples kissing or a homosexual couple kissing. And if you don’t want to watch it, DONT, and enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of strictly straight content that is on Disney and Disney+, you don’t have to ruin more inclusive programming for other people who enjoy watching more series feature females, people of color and people who are LGBT.

  5. Ahnsael

    I am NOT a BOB Chapek fan, but I gained a lot of respect for him for how he answered this question. Disney was one of the first U.S. companies (if not THE first) to extend health benefits to same-sex partners. I worked for Disney at the time and while it didn’t apply to me as a straight man, I had HUGE respect for that move.

    New Bob is not my favorite person, but he absolutely answered this question in a way that makes me happy.

    People who still cannot accept that there are people different from them are just plain wrong.

  6. Johnny

    Just don’t watch the movies That have same sex in it.I don’t because I don’t agree with it, but that’s my right and keep your mean comments to yourself. To many people hatting! people we can disagree and still along. We’re all human beings and we’re not the judge or the jury. There is only one ( GOD ) So stop playing GOD That’s his job not yours. ONE LOVE

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