Still Working From Home? More Theme Park and Harry Potter Inspired Ambient Music Channels You Need

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Hogwarts Castle(Left), Professor Filius and Choir( Center), Universal Studios Florida(Right)

Source: KDHX Youtube - @Superhotlarry and @AmbientWorlds

So after the positive response to the first batch of ambient Disney music channels that we recommended, we figured we’d throw you a few more to chew on as the coronavirus keeps us housebound. In addition to the need for self-isolation, theme parks around the world like Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom have closed and impending movies like Mulan have been pushed back.

Therefore, we’re trying to give our readers as much magic as we possibly can for when you’re sat at your computer screen. This time, however, we decided to expand out exclusively looking at Walt Disney Resort parks and instead venture into the world of Universal Studio. Though, naturally, we’ll likely end up giving you a Disney recommendation or two!

So without further ado, let’s make some music!

Hufflepuff Common Room – Harry Potter Music & Ambience – 4 Magical Scenes for Relaxation and Focus – Harry Potter

Source: Ambient Worlds 

We featured Ambient Worlds in our last list and if you’ve visited their channel, it’s not hard to see why. There are so many ambient Harry Potter mixes to choose from, from Dumbledore’s Office to Winter at Hogwarts. However, as a loyal Hufflepuff, I use this one the most to write articles to, and it’s just fabulous. Incorporating such classic leitmotifs as Fawkes’ Theme and the Dumbledore’s Army motif, how can you not love this one if you’re a potter-lover?

Universal Studios Florida Entrance Music Loop – Universal Studios Orlando

Source: SuperHotLarry

A classic. Much like the Walt Disney Studios loop that we included in our last article, this amazing and inspiring video from SuperHotLarry gives us the loop you hear as you walk into the starry-eyed world of Universal Studios Florida. With classic tracks from films like Back to the Future and E.T, this one is a must for any classic movie fan to work to. Many of the movie scores also have a ride in the park, so you’ve got double the magic to think about as you work!

Pirates of the Caribbean (Calm Ambient Mix by Syneptic) Episode V – Pirates of the Caribbean 

Source: Syneptic

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I know that we had a mix of Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt’s exceptional Pirates scores on the last list, but this one is just beautiful. Incorporating motifs like Davy Jones’ horrifically sad lullaby, this collection of calm tracks from the best series of movies ever based on a ride is just perfect to zone out and work to.

Avengers Suite (Theme) – Marvel’s Avengers

Source: Jorah the Andal 

I was upset to look back at my original article to find that there was not one bit of superhero music included. I’ve rectified that by adding one of my favorite movie music channels, Jorah the Andal and their fantastic Avengers Suite. Incorporating many variations of the core Alan Silvestri theme, this one is perfect for any MCU fan who needs to get their head down. Check out Jorah’s wider channel for equally amazing Kung Fu Panda and Star Wars music suites; you won’t be disappointed.

What other ambient music playlists or channels do you use to work? Let us know your picks in the comments below. 

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