Comments for Disney Heiress Slams Big Crowds at Theme Parks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Abigail Disney Coronavirus


  1. Mark

    Omg sit down women! The parks were still open by the company and people were still there crowd regulations arent what they are now! Ghezz will everyone calm down! The end of the world isnt here!

    1. Harley

      Exactly shes entitled to speak bc shes a disney! Omg my mom taught a disney relative and she wasnt even half entitled she was more or less like yes i am a disney no i cam not get you into parks for free i still have to pay!
      I like to tell this lady something before all hell broke loose within only the past wk or so we were all still enjoying life! Now yes we must remain vigilant but before then its called living!

      1. Kenneth Cox


        It wasn’t living. It was being stupid, or at the very least irresponsible.

    2. Kenneth Cox

      The crowd recommendations were there. These people ignored them. This isn’t about “We handle these things differently”, this was “Some people follow the guidelines to help keep this from spreading and others do not”.

      It is irresponsible.

      1. Jackie

        Yep but tell that old people like my folks whom rather get out bc they are dying anyways and lived through much worse! We are talking wks ago btw not a wk ago there were no crowd regulation! Enjoy your bubble! Bc its not going to last people are going to get stir crazy! I know my friend is a pysch a shes saying while its right for time being in the long run its not going to be healthy for our mental state!

  2. Suggesting it was ANYTHING but irresponsible and disgusting has me considering unsubscribing from your email list. What is wrong with you, trying to make excuses for this kind of behavior? Gross. Do better.

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