Disney World Tells Some Employees to Stay Home to Avoid Spread of Coronavirus

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Walt Disney World

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A small handful of Walt Disney World Cast Members and employees returned home from a trip to Italy and are now being told to stay home. Disney World’s decision comes after Italy was named the second most infected nation with the Coronavirus after China–ground zero for this new epidemic.

According to the central Florida NBC affiliate station, WESH, a Disney World spokesperson confirmed that a small handful of people who work at Disney World — but are not all Disney Cast Members — have been asked to stay home from work after they returned from Italy. This decision is made purely out of intense caution. There are still no suspected cases of the Coronavirus on or near Walt Disney World Property and none of the Disney employees in question reported symptoms of the Coronavirus.

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The Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, have both remained lax on taking any serious precautions against the Coronavirus thanks to the safety measures already in place by the U.S. Government that those who were exposed to the virus must pass through before visiting the parks. Demanding these workers stay home is the first precautionary measure taken for a Disney Park in the U.S.

Other Disney parks around the world are not so lucky. While the Tokyo Disney remains open, it has enacted restrictions on who can enter the parks as well as cleanliness measures. Hong Kong Disneyland and the Shanghai Disney Resort in Mainland China remain completely closed. You can read the latest news on how Disney’s parks in Asia are being affected by the spread of Coronavirus outbreak by clicking the link below.

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Shanghai Disneyland castle
Credit: Shanghai Disneyland

Disney Cruise Line is also affected by the Coronavirus outbreak prompting more restrictions on who can board the ship as well as restrictions on who can disembark at certain ports of call like Nassau. Click the link below to learn more about that.

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But for those planning to visit Walt Disney World in the near future, you needn’t worry. There is still no immediate threat that would impede upon your visit. However, if you do find yourself concerned, the best way to defend yourself against any infections would be to constantly wash your hands and maintain a high level of cleanliness. You can also contact the Walt Disney World Resort directly regarding any personal concerns you may have. Inside the Magic will continue to update our website as more information becomes available regarding coronavirus and Disney vacations.

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