Disney in Plain English: Disneyland Paris Has Until 2036 to Build a Third Park

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Frozen-themed land

Credit: Disneyland Paris

A lot is happening at Disneyland Paris and a lot more that could be happening in the near future. There is a planned expansion for the resort’s second park, Walt Disney Studios, and Disney has the opportunity to build a troisième parc (a third park) and they have until 2036 to do it or they will lose the land set aside for its development.

Let’s break down this news and what we can expect to see from Disneyland Paris in a special Frenchy edition of “Disney in Plain English.””

Un Troisième Parc?

Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant
Credit: Disneyland Paris

According to an article in the French Publication Le Parisien, an agreement signed in 1987 by the national, regional, and departmental (U.S. equivalent: County), the RATP, EpaFrance (the public developer), and then-Euro Disney set the standard that The Walt Disney Company would build three parks by 2026. The first park opened in 1992. The second park, Walt Disney Studios, opened in 2002. The third park still has not been built. But it might. Le Parisien reported that on December 11, 2019, the deadline for the third park was pushed back until 2036. Ten more years.

If Disney does not build the third park by then, they will lose the land meant for that park.

“If on March 24, 2036, the pivotal company [ Editor’s note: Euro Disney ] or its assignee has not requested inclusion in a detailed program corresponding to the creation of a third major tourist attraction [ Editor’s note: a third park ] likely to attract millions of additional visitors each year compared to those who come to visit Disneyland Parks and Walt Disney Studios, the EPA [ Editor’s note: EpaFrance ] will be able to market the unused land.”

However, Disney could buy some more time. If the two parks currently open at Disneyland Paris can generate at least 22 million visitors a year, it will have until 2040 to submit a detailed plan for the third park.

“until the date on which a threshold of “at least 22 million annual visitors will have been reached by the two existing parks, it being understood that in such a case, the realization of this third major attraction must be provided for in a detailed program signed no later than March 23, 2040”

Basically, if Disney decides to put enough effort into the existing parks to attract at least 22 million visitors in a single year on their own, they can have until 2040 to come through with a realization for the third park. Currently, the resort averages 15 million visitors per year.

Frozen-themed land
Credit: Disneyland Paris

But part of Disney’s planned €2 billion investment will have to go into the surrounding communities (Coupvray, Chessy, Serris or Bailly-Romainvilliers) which includes the construction of 1,800 additional dwellings, 250 residential units beyond the Disney perimeter and 450 dwellings specifically for Disney employees. But this is nothing new to the Walt Disney Company.

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“Okay, but you mentioned expansions to the Walt Disney Studios Park?”

Media Expo 2020 in different Disney Movies

Yes! In 2018, Disney released plans to make Disneyland Paris’s second park, Walt Disney Studios, one of the best Disney Parks in the world. Among many awesome attractions planned, the park will have a Frozen-themed land, a Marvel-themed land (like Avengers Campus coming to Disney California Adventure, and a Star Wars-themed land (like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios). While the first new developments are expected to be completed and open this year, the entire expansion project will not be completed until closer to 2030.

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Do you think Disneyland Paris will get a third park? Do you think they will be able to attract 22 million visitors a year? Is Disneyland Paris on your list of parks to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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