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Star Wars Rise of the Resistance start of queue

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  1. Harley

    To add to tj point if your gac like me you need to know you MUST have a boarding group and wait for both the boarding group then check in your gac/das….
    I was cursed out by a very tested cm just bc i wanted clarification only bc i was told by others including earlier in the day at guest relations all i needed was gac/das. I am not dumb i just wanted clarification i didnt even care if i got on it and they made me feel like i was a horrible person for asking! Also they said if i wasnt there at 7am i wouldnt get on at all in the next few months and apparently pointing towards the line shes like others can! Which is fine if you could or you try but thats still no guarentee and we also have lives and things that come up trying to get there shouldnt be shoved in peoples face as be all and all bc like tj pointed out its not the answer always! Also the park was so crowded i felt so old like i remember when this use to off season!

    1. Mark

      Sorry to hear this happened but i heard cms are taking their insane hrs out on guests! They probably thought you asking why cant i get i like you deserve to like everyone else vs just wanting clarification! I get it everyone has off days long hrs as a manager even seasonal op its long hrs i still wouldnt treat a guest that way i hope it didnt ruin your visit to batuu?

      1. Harley

        Unfortunately bc they are so overwhelmed i wasnt spoken down to by someone from batuu those cms are all smiles… it was a guest relations person thats why i was like asking for clarification! And no it wasnt ruined it was my bday!

  2. JB

    Just returned from a week at Disney.

    We were at HWS on Monday, January 27. Arrived via Lyft around 6:30; through security and in the park around 6:50. (This was cutting it way to close for comfort for me, but our Lyft took longer than advertised to pick us up).

    Settled into the tables near the Dockside Dinner. Turned off WiFi; Launched the Disney app at 7:59; landed in BG 37.

    We were called around 9:40 and eventually rode around 12:00 after a brief break down. Learned that once the call your group, if there is a breakdown, the return time doesn’t matter.

    On Wednesday, January 29, we rolled into the pro at 9:05 with no intention of trying to get on again. When we got in, I noticed the “all the boarding groups have been distributed” signs weren’t out. Pulled up the app and got 131 back up boarding group.

    We intended on staying in the park most of the day, so we hung out and eventually got called around 5:45 (they had a lengthy shut down around BG 120).

    I learned that they will typically call their last boarding group around 6:00 pm.

    Wednesday was definitely less crowded than Monday, which obviously made a difference.

    Disclaimer: This was just our experience. Hope it helps someone.

    1. Jackie

      The acronym is dhs btw for studios has been for yrs i know cms too that say dhs! Between yours tj and harleys i am staying away from the parks all together till the thrill is gone!

  3. So what do they do if they get through all of the boarding groups before the end of the day? Do they just shut down the ride or do they add more virtual boarding groups?

    1. Mark

      Go ask people in dl they no longer are loading boarding groups…

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