Sweeten Your EPCOT Flower & Garden Experience The Honey Bee-Stro!

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Spike the Bee spork

Credit: Disney

The 2020 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival has no shortage of incredible food and beverage options. One standout is The Honey Bee-stro featuring Donald Duck’s nemesis Spike the Bee (or Buzz Buzz for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans). 

Back for its third year, The Honey Bee-stro is sponsored by the National Honey Board and features a full menu of items that feature this sweet (and surprisingly versatile) treat. You’ll get to experience honey like you never have before, with entreés, desserts, and beverages all available!

The food 

The first entreé option is a roasted cauliflower floret topped with buckwheat honey carrot purée alongside wild rice pilaf, asparagus, and honey-blistered grapes. The entire concoction has coriander flowers sprinkled on it. Disney states that this menu offering is both gluten-free and kid-approved! 

Roasted cauliflower from Honey Beestro
Credit: Disney

If you’re in the mood for something savory, try the booth’s honey tandoori chicken flatbread served with white cheddar cheese, blackened season vegetables, clover honey sour cream, and citrus greens. 

EPCOT Honey Beestro tandoori chicken
Credit: National Honey Board

The sweetest treat at The Honey Bee-stro is Orlando-sourced wildflower honey-mascarpone cheesecake topped with orange blossom honey ice cream and a fennel pollen meringue flower garnish. This totally Instagrammable dish is almost too pretty to eat, but we’re sure you won’t have a problem digging in!

Honey Cheesecake EPCOT Beestro
Credit: Disney

The drinks

As usual, the 2020 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival has no shortage of collectible novelty sippers. Remember last year’s Orange Bird sipper mania? At The Honey Bee-stro, you’ll find an adorable Spike the Bee sipper featuring a non-alcoholic honey-peach freeze.

Spike the Bee sipper
Credit: Disney

Three alcoholic beverages are also available at this honey-themed Flower & Garden Outdoor Kitchen. These are: B. Nektar New Wave lemonade mead from Ferndale MI, Florida Orange Groves Winery orange blossom honey wine from St. Petersburg, FL, and alcoholic versions of the honey-peach freeze featuring blueberry vodka. 

Spike the Bee spork
Credit: Disney

The Honey Bee-stro is one of 16 Outdoor Kitchens at this year’s EPCOT Flower & Garden event, which runs from March 4 – June 1. Don’t forget to buy a Spike the Bee reusable spork (available at select booths) to sustainably enjoy all of the delicious choices at this year’s festival!

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