Comments for WATCH: Idina Menzel and 9 Elsas Perform “Into the Unknown” at the Oscars

frozen 2 into the unknown oscars

Credit: ABC


  1. Patrick

    Willemijn Verkaik is Dutch and from the Netherlands. She is NOT German.

    1. Mark

      But shes the german sub! Shes also the most well known dub for idina bc shes also the most popular elphie from wicked besides idina! Shes also in the running to be elsa in the euro tour of frozen musical this will be first time a voice of elsa will be elsa!

  2. Harley

    This was just great! I am glad idina had back up besides nerves she doesnt know the song well enough even when she performs it she has the lyrics in front of her! Shes so powerful of a singer and its nothing against her but as a vocal coach she struggled with the keeping up with the music but having the words isnt a negative it helps alot as a guide! Beyond it was the oscars! It was awesome to see Aurora too i am glad they gave her love and showed off her haunted vocals that just people think is idina still or not even human after they saw the movie! We also appreciated all the bruni diamonds around the stage!

    1. Mark

      Seeing all the bruni diamonds was awesome that salamander is the frozen 2 olaf and is so popular you still can not grab the plush anywhere unless your quick!
      I agree w you about idina i felt bad but she did great she needed the music w her but it was the oscars! But we have to let it go and i quite enjoyed it! Besides its better than when she sings it at her concerts she sings it too fast and screeches… I also know a few whom thought the wind song is someone else and not Aurora shes such an amazing singer i am glad she got the props!

  3. Melanie Durham

    This was absolutely beautiful!

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