Comments for France bans large gatherings due to Coronavirus – Are Disneyland Paris closures possible?

Disneyland Paris Run Weekend

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Its the flu strain no one knows about its obvious as all drs have said it shares the symptoms!
    Omg why doesnt everyone just live in a bubble! More people have survived this then the flu wo a vaccine i will take those odds and live my life honestly! I think everyone should too!

    1. Harley

      I just asked my kids dr on his well visit and she said its honest paranoia its ok to be prepared but not think the world is going to end! She also agreed and is telling people to put them at ease its just a bad case of the flu bc right not that is how its acting! And if your low immune system or not vaxx you have a higher chance of being hospitalized! Which only makes sense!

  2. Matt Brewster

    Sadly, I think it is inevitable that not only will PDL, but all if the domestic parks will soon have to close until this pandemic is contained.

  3. Aislinn

    Hi Ryan, thanks for your article. We’re waiting to see what happens. We booked Dublin to Paris back in December. Meant to fly out Friday evening & we have tickets for the parks on Sat. 7th March. Now the Louvre has closed things aren’t looking good. We’re in limbo but will watch how things pan out in the coming days. The last thing we want is to arrive and everything shuts down, or we get stuck in Paris for longer than planned. Also, don’t know if my employer will be too happy if we go as planned as we’ve only had one confirmed corona virus case in Republic of Ireland to date. It’s a tricky one!

    1. Kerrie Foxley

      We are the same fly out Saturday 7th till 11th hopefully all being well we shall be ok.

      1. Aislinn

        Hi Kerrie, we’ll be going ahead with the trip unless there is advice not to travel to France, and once Disneyland remains open. This is probably the best time to go as who know how things will be later in the year throughout Europe. Enjoy your trip. I’d bet we’ll come away unscathed and there’ll be lots of happy memories.

  4. Lee

    We’ve got a family tripped booked from 31/03 to 04/04 and the wife is constantly checking the websites for any possible closure updates.

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