Comments for Just In: Disney World Reservation System Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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Credit: ITM Kelly Coffey


  1. Jackie

    They really should just go to regular line bc i do not what causes more delays the ride or this doofus thing! Btw not everyone has the app bc its a piece of you know what and it gave my phone 2 viruses!

    1. Harley

      Its something the cm yelled at me about like i was the idiot wo a life beyond get there at 7am like everuone else it obviosly works for some people … granted but how long did it take for that glitchy thing to load?? Not like the website is any better took me 10x to log in kept logging me in to go your not logged in!
      I am serious the parks ran smoothly when there was just a normal line!

      1. Rebel Porg

        Yes this i say it all the time and everyone agrees on the forums things were better wo fp wo apps wo this bs! They were shorter too! Sadly all they do is yell at people like they are dumb i get it cms are there at 4/5am but they wouldnt be so pissed if things were normal!

  2. Mark

    Been trying to get fps all day all sites are down stitch comes up and ate pg which usually means a defect is being fixed or it doesnt load at all and i heard from friends alot of the systems have been off all day so this is an internal wide wdw issue! Just fyi!

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