These Disney Fan Art Pieces Allow Us To Look At Characters Differently

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Frozen Family

Credit: NightLiight

We all know and love the classic Disney stories, so it is a bit hard to imagine if things ended up any differently than they have.

Well, thanks to the imagination of Disney fans (and creativity), we can now see how some of our beloved Disney characters could be portrayed differently.

Let’s take a closer look:

Kristoff and Anna Start A Family

Frozen Family
Credit: NightLiight

In Frozen 2, we saw Kristoff struggle to propose to the love of his life, Anna. But in this Disney fan art piece, we can see that everything has worked out just fine — And they even started a family together!

Original artwork is by artist NightLiight. 

Kristoff and Anna Start A Family (Take 2)

Frozen Family
Credit: NightLiight

Here is another perspective from an artist portraying Kristoff and Anna if they decided to start a family together (which we are 100% on board with by the way!)

Original artwork is by artist NightLiight.

Warrior Jasmine

Credit: warrickwong

We all know and love Princess Jasmine for the independent and determined Princess that she is, but what if Jasmine wasn’t a Princess. What if she was a warrior? With her trusty companion, Rajah, right by her side. This artist brings this idea to life!

Original artwork is by artist warrickwong.

Elsa & Honeymaren

Credit: @gejsandzak_

If you have seen Frozen 2 then you know exactly where this fan artwork is coming from. This is the Disney couple we never knew we needed! Elsa and Honeymaren forever.

Original artwork is by artist @gejsandzak_.

Punk Rock Ariel

Ariel Punk Rock
Credit: htr1423

We know Ariel as the innocent, yet immature, mermaid who gives up her entire life for a man who she never even spoken to. But, what if Ariel was more of a punk rocker? This artist brings the idea to life in this piece of concept art.

The original work is by artist htr1423.

Lady and Tramp As … Humans?

Lady and Tramp
Credit: s0alaina

What if Lady and Tramp weren’t dogs but they were actually human beings. Would the story have been played out differently? This artist has an entire series of artwork with this idea!

The original work is by artist s0alaina.

The Aristocats Also As Humans

Credit: s0alaina

Here is another take from that same artist on Disney animals portrayed as humans. You can tell they have that 1900-1910s feel to them, which is so interesting!

The original work is by artist s0alaina.

Mulan and Li Shang Have A Baby

Mulan Baby
Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

So we saw earlier what it would look like if Kristoff and Anna started a family together, and now we are looking at a future Mulan family!

This original artwork is stunning and clearly, they make for a perfect little family.

The original work is by artist Isaiah Stephens Art.

Beauty and the Beast Gender Swap

Belle Beast Gender Swap
Credit: findingausernamethatisnttakenisreallyhard

Now, this is something I never thought I would be seeing! A Belle and Beast gender swap. What if Belle was actually the Beast? This artist brings light to this concept in this original artwork.

Artwork by .

Which one of these Disney Fan Art pieces is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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