Comments for Disneyland and Disney World Remain Open Amid Coronavirus in California and Florida

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  1. Mark

    And i can not see wdw closing it be very stupid the virus does not like warm weather and fl is a warm weather zone! Even our winter is warmer than everywhere else! You must come in contact physically w the virus like the cold or the flu! Stop getting paranoid and live your life or better yet go live in a bubble — bc guess what the flu and common cold could kill you too! Theres a great song out there called everything gives you cancer and its a satire bout some person living life in a bubble bc he thought living life could give him cancer! Honestly the same amount of people died from the flu that are surviving this wo vaccine and anyone knowing whats going on i will take those odds instead!

  2. Harley

    As i said in another post my kid dr was like before you even ask theres a vaccine coming within the next few months! She said the symptoms are like a bad case of the flu and should be treated as such without worry! The only people whom should worry are those wo a strong immune system and those whom arent vaccinated esp against the flu! And with anything wash your hands good not just throw water on em! Besides she said we live in fl i do not see it affect much because we are a warmer climate the flu hates the warmth!

  3. Lisa

    TJ is there a way to contact any of the staff? Do you have an email that I can write to you about a job? I apologize not sure how to contact any of you, thank you!

  4. Rebel Porg

    Everyone has become an armchair scientist and I think if the first cases didn’t start in China, which is such a huge power in global economy, we wouldn’t have this much panic based on fear and internet speculation. This is a highly transmittable, but low mortality, new strain of the flu. And fl plus cali are warm weather areas and sooner than soon summer will be here and just like the flu it hates warm weather! Do your research listen to cdc and drs whom say its like the flu and live your life! Theres more a chance to get hit by a car then die from this!

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