Comments for Cause of Disneyland Fire Revealed: Why a Fire Erupted at the SoCal Theme Park

disneyland fire

Credit: IG: @thecalibae/@the.house.of.wildflowers


  1. I hope nobody died or had to sent to the hospital.

  2. Rochelle

    I was in the park that night. Other than some lights being out and not being able to walk through/into Adventureland there was really no impact to us at all. It was odd seeing some areas dark that would normally be illuminated; and food service cast members were together at the hub and not inside a couple of the restaurants. We didn’t even know what the “oddness” was about until we got home later that night. We had a boarding group for Rise that we didn’t want to miss – everything, except Adventureland and some food service on Main Street, was in full swing.

  3. Ben

    I’m thinking to much power to one source caused the generator to overheat.

  4. Benjamin

    It sounds to me that the generator got overworked & then got over heated.

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