Comments for BREAKING: Jungle Cruise Boat Reportedly Sank At Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise

Credit: Disney


  1. J.M.

    Guests on board thought it was part of the ride and didn’t actually sink. The were in DeNile.

  2. Harley

    Its the wc boat that boat always had issues even 15 yrs ago when i wrked there it always seems to have like a sag in it! The boat also has an issue w its breaks i was on the docks on time and i was putting the tie on the boat to hold it get the wc off and i fell in the water bc the breaks didnt wrk! I thank god knew how to swim its not as shallow as you think you also dont know whats in that water not only this time but others i was rushed to hosp! Wdw btw didnt care its the reason i wont ride jungle nor am i suprised this happend!

  3. Mark

    This ride honestly is dire need of a rehab and draining! When was the last time this was taken care of???

  4. Peter

    Are you paying attention, Disney??

  5. Simon Templar

    Jesus, the thing filled up with a bit of water. IT SANK!!!! Talk about being over dramatic.

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