Comments for “Star Wars” Fans on Twitter Ask Disney to #ReleaseTheAbramsCut of “Rise of Skywalker”

jj abrams


  1. Arglebah

    A “$100 million loser”?

    The movie is on track to make a billion dollars… Probably more.

    If that’s a “loser”, then sign me up for some of that “loss”. I could use a billion bucks.

    Disney only listens to one review; Currently, “Rise of Skywalker” is rated at $$$$. Soon to be $$$$$.

  2. Steve Surjaputra

    Well, we can always hope that the scenes that were cut will end up on the Blu-Ray as deleted scenes.

    1. Erica Brodie

      JJAdams should of fought Disney to have Finn to kiss Rey not Poe. When did Poe and Finn have the impression that they had a gay vibe between them? Finn loves Rey not Rose, Poe or Jannah.

  3. Darth Willy

    Thank goodness for Reddit and its indepth info! Prior to that, I had to get my advice from the local school groundskeeper.

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